We were founded to reduce waste and increase sustainability

AgilQuest’s commitment to sustainability is in the very fiber, culture and mission of our organization. We started our company to help others reduce waste and improve sustainability based on the simple fact that all corporate office space in the US and Europe lays vacant on average 50 to 70% of the time. We found an opportunity, through our software and services, to apply lean principles to the management and usage of real estate and thus dramatically reduce the cost, carbon footprint and energy consumption of our customer’s workplace infrastructure.

Our mission and core values are aimed at improving environmental impact and sustainability

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Our logo and brand reflect our environmental interest

In 1999, long before the current green and sustainability initiatives, we made changes to our company colors replacing red with green to reflect our commitment to the environment. We have also adopted a sustainability logo, exposing a leaf inside the symbol of our company.

Our newest products help reduce waste from the highest levels

AgilQuest was founded to help corporate America reduce office space waste so those companies, their workers and the environment would all benefit. Now as CFOs and lease administrators look to Smart Occupancy as a way to save money, they are finding employing AgilQuest solutions improve corporate sustainability and global sustainability simultaneously, saving company green and saving-the-planet green at the same time.

Our operations and our advice

AgilQuest is committed to operating in a manner compatible with our environment and maintain compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations. Operating efficiency and environmental protection are, and must continue to be, compatible goals. We believe that the greenest, most energy efficient building is one never built.

Environmental awards and recognition

We foster this commitment through the implementation of environmentally sustainable processes, pollution prevention, and a continual improvement focus in the design, development, delivery and support of workplace management systems and services. AgilQuest has been recognized by our customers and by our industry as a true leader in the sustainability field. One of our customer’s, Orange Business Services, nominated us for, and we were a recipient of, the Technology Sustainability Award by The Greater Richmond Technology Council. The Technology Sustainability Award recognizes Central Virginia-based companies that demonstrate innovative business services and solutions that produce or utilize cutting edge technology to develop or refine sustainability practices.

AgilQuest is committed to green and planet-friendly principles

To this end, AgilQuest is committed to the following principles:

  • Improve environmental quality by minimizing waste and emissions, reusing and recycling, reducing the use of natural resources and promoting pollution prevention efforts throughout our company.
  • Operate our facilities in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, in a way that is protective of the health and safety of its employees and the surrounding communities and environment.
  • Review our facilities and programs on a regular basis and shall establish goals for continuous improvement in the environmental arena.
  • Encourage the integration of environmental considerations into business planning and decisions, including design, procurement, development, facilities management and product support.
  • Promote a workplace in which all employees are properly trained to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and procedures, to meet environmental program goals and to take personal responsibility for protecting the environment.
  • Work with our customers in ascertaining and meeting their environmental needs and goals consistent with AgilQuest’s environmental compliance and management programs.

Management at all levels of AgilQuest is responsible for ensuring that this policy is adhered to by all employees and subcontractors.