Smart Buildings is a complimentary workplace strategy that extends the large-scale results of Smart Occupancy and delivers the remaining few percentage points of efficiency by applying technology and processes to physical buildings and making them aware of worker presence and needs.

Smart Occupancy has already reduced the actual office space down to just that necessary to properly support the permanent and mobile workforce using it today. Smart Buildings provision electricity, heating and cooling, network and telephony infrastructure as needed to support the workers who are present now.

  • Optimize the remaining workplace to support workers
  • Respond to presence of worker, communicate that presence and take supportive action
  • Turn on energy use when worker is present, turn off when worker leaves
  • Release reserved resources (for reuse) when workers are not present

The combination of Smart Occupancy and Smart buildings results in an optimal balance of competing goals, the highest possible efficiency within the workplace, and a workplace which responds automatically to need.

  • The HVAC system doesn't know you are present and doesn't know where you, individually, are so it cannot support you directly.
  • The access control system knows you've entered the building because you've swiped your badge at the entrance turnstile, but it doesn't know where you are going so it cannot alert HVAC to supply heating or cooling.
  • The office hoteling system, OnBoard, knows you have reserved desk 315 on the third floor, but it doesn't know you have arrived yet.
  • Smart Buildings takes the presence detection of your badge swipe at the turnstile and notifies the hoteling system. OnBoard checks you into to your desk reservation and notifies the HVAC system that you are present at desk 315 and have a meeting in conference room 3A at 11:00. The HVAC system applies climate control to those areas. OnBoard also tells the building electricity control that desk 315 needs power now and conference room 3A will need power at 11:00.


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