Freedom and Flexibility for the Workforce, Profitability and Sustainability for the Workplace

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What is the Agile Workplace Conference?

AWC is an educational conference with workplace professionals and industry experts gathered to learn about innovative workplace strategies, tactics and best practices.  Network and hear what peers are trying in their organizations, and hear the latest trends and worker data interpreted and analyzed. See and interact with new technology and hardware to maximize your workplace program's potential.

AgilQuest University at AWC

Current AgilQuest customers will find day 2 of the conference is focused on their needs with the product training, product information and future roadmap they’ve been asking for year after year. This new second day addition, called “AgilQuest University”, is meant for both the leaders and the workplace operations staff within organizations who rely on OnBoard, Book-IT or Commander BI to keep their workplace operating efficiently and meeting the needs of employees.

Visit the AWC website today for this year's information and registration!


  • Workplace Technology

    • So your workers can easily choose the best place for them to work and collaborate each day
    • So your workplace attracts today’s top talent
    • And so your decision makers know which kinds of space keep your people happy and productive
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  • Workplace Analytics

    • To measure the actual utilization of office space both inside and outside the corporate built environment
    • To transform data into answers to some of the toughest corporate real estate and space planning questions
    • To provide real pricing and profit advantage in today’s competitive environment
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  • Online Training

    • To help employees continue to thrive, communicate and innovate as they become mobile
    • To help teams continue to produce as they spend less time together in the office
    • To help managers with skills and confidence to manage performance with remote workers
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  • Professional Services

    • So your people can depend on technology to instantly find a place to work
    • So managing a global deployment of workplace software solution is less of a burden
    • So operationalizing data and the Internet of Things can be a reality
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