CFOs recognize there may be substantial gains when implementing workplace flexibility, but morale and productivity must be maintained to preserve and enhance earnings using this new mobile workforce.

Mobile workforce has proven productivity and costs benefits

Large corporations have started embracing a more flexibility, mobile workforce and experienced gains in worker productivity as well as reductions in real estate and infrastructure costs. Even the government is encouraging workplace flexibility to deliver bottom line results for business and quality-of-life benefits for workers and their families.

[blockquote]"The U.S. will remain the most highly concentrated market for mobile workers with 75.5% of the workforce, or 119.7 million workers, being mobile in 2013." -IDC[/blockquote]

Dealing with change and a very different workplace

Offices are already experiencing the change to a more mobile workforce. When 50% of your office is empty, that means the change is already happening, just not necessarily in a planned, managed fashion. You certainly want the savings that come from using less real estate, but you need the controls and trained staff to take advantage of workplace flexibility and preserve productivity. Vendors like AgilQuest make it easy to adopt with proven implementation models, role-specific training and the additional controls .

With a workforce physically separate from each other and from their direct management, morale and communications and collaboration need special attention. Training for the workers and their new environment is just one step. The managers who need to know where they are and to direct them to their goals need training, too, in order for the gains of this new mobile workforce to be realized with no downside.

Enhanced productivity, improved controls

Implementing workplace flexibility with complete, proven systems delivers higher productivity as well as new controls to manage environment and measure how assets are being used. Managers can see where your workers are and what they are doing. Training for the workers and managers through reduces uncertainty and the learning curve. AgilQuest meets the needs while addressing the concerns. The result is workplace flexibility combined with effective controls and accurate measurement for management.

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