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Technical Support Engineer

This position within the Professional Services Department will provide first and second level technical support for our customers. Install, configure, and fine-tune the AgilQuest software application. Identify research and resolve technical problems. Act as a liaison between customers and Product Management by communicating client issues and needs. Provide pre-sales technical support as needed. Present AgilQuest solutions and value proposition to customers and prospects. The career path of the Technical Support Engineer position can progress to a challenging opportunity involving consulting and domestic/international travel. This position will report to the Technical Support Manager.

Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Software installation and data creation
  • Supporting AgilQuest customer service delivery.

Skills Required:

  • Must have experience with MS SQL Server and use of DTS, MS Tools, and Visual Studio experience.
  • Must have strong knowledge of MS Excel, Access and PowerPoint.
  • Must be familiar with MS Project, IIS an d.Net application.
  • Familiar with deploying large scale enterprise software.
  • Excellent work ethic, initiative, self motivation and demonstrated ability to deliver high value products and services in a team environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully work directly with end-users/customers to meet their needs.
  • Ability to quickly assimilate information into day to day responsibilities.
  • The ability to document processes.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

Location: Corporate Offices are in Richmond, VA

When applying, send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. AgilQuest is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to apply for a job at AgilQuest

When applying, send your resume to AgilQuest is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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At AgilQuest, we must "know our stuff" and "go the extra mile" because we serve some of the best people and organizations in the world, and they demand perfection. Our customers can't go to work if our platform fails, so it has to be designed, coded, implemented, serviced and supported to perform its mission critical purpose.

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When applying, send your resume to AgilQuest is an Equal Opportunity Employer.