Workplace utilization data and reporting with the accuracy and believability necessary for making the best office space allocation decisions and quelling departmental pushback.

Powerful, accurate data to identify underutilized space, who is actually using what, and what is vacant

1 Dashboard Utilization
Utilization data and answers from every location, floor and department

The strong, compelling facts about every department and every floor that you need to succeed with workplace change

  • Summarized historical utilization data for desks, workspaces, meeting rooms and video conference rooms
  • Utilization and occupancy reports by region, location, floor, department, division, person, role, and more
  • Purpose-specific reporting (e.g. who are best candidates for mobile work or Telework?)
  • Instantly accessible, current data for the entire portfolio
  • Relevant, inarguable facts to counter resistance and pushback from departments and business units

Corporate Real Estate and Finance executives are expected to predict the future and sign up for the right amount of office space needed years from now, correctly buy enough today accommodate tomorrow's growth, and yet not buy too much to keep occupancy expenses to a minimum. When it's time to renew those 10-20 year leases, there is little readily available or accurate data on exactly how much office space is actually used. Collecting that data with bed checks or walk-around surveys is expensive, time-consuming and always covers just a fraction of the whole portfolio. Now you can have accurate, believable data, instantly with Commander BI from AgilQuest.

When you take operationalized data from actual desk and meeting room use via a workplace management system, collect and analyze the space utilization in Commander BI, you get reports on who is actually using space, what space is being used, at what rate, where the mobile users are under-utilizing their assigned space, and how much each department really needs. Commander BI collects data continuously, systematically and consistently to provide an accurate, believable picture of the actual space utilization across the entire portfolio.

Accurate data and answers for difficult Workplace Program and Operations questions

The data, analysis and reporting from Commander BI answers the often-difficult questions faced by many roles within every organization:

6 Self Service Dashboard
Commander BI reports by role, location, business unit, time frame, and more
Answers for Workplace Strategists
  • What is my Worker to Workspace ratio?
  • What is our current space per person? What would be our optimal space per person?
  • What spaces do people like to use most?
  • How many more people can I house in this space?
  • Who are my new candidates for mobility based on actual use?
  • How much of my space should be hoteling space?
Answers for Operations and Facility Management
  • What is the utilization of space by Year, Quarter, Month, Week, and Day of Week?
  • Where are available spaces to work in other buildings?
  • Where can displaced people go to work for days, weeks, or even months?
Answers for Sustainability Management
  • How much have we reduced our carbon footprint through new workplace practices?
  • How much have we reduced our energy consumption?
  • What effect has telecommuting had on our personnel carbon footprint?
  • How do I measure the total amount of telework in my organization?