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AgilQuest sponsors a continuous series of web-based seminars (webinars) where industry leaders, workplace experts and technology visionaries speak about the issues facing today's workplace and mobile workforce.

I missed the webinar. Is there a recording I can watch later?

Most Agile Workplace Leaders webinars are recorded and archived on the AgilQuest website for you to watch later.

Some presenters require us to redact parts of their presentations to protect their intellectual property. To gaurantee you see all the presenetation, it is best to attend the live webinar event.

Are the presentation slides from the AgilQuest webinars available

Yes for most presentations. The slide decks from most Agile Workplace Leaders webinars are posted to the AgilQuest website a few days or so after the event.

Sometimes the presenters redact a slide or two from the published deck to protect their intellectual property. This is the prerogative of the presenters and part of their agreement to present in our forum. To guarantee you see all the content, it is best to attend the live webinar event.

The materials and presentation remain property and copyright of the presenters and/or their organizations.

Are these sales presentations?

No. The Agile Workplace Leaders webinars are education-oriented presentations, most-commonly about techniques, success stories, organizations practicing cutting-edge workplace strategies, or external experts discussing a topic.

AgilQuest does put on product-related webinars, but those are called out specifically and typically only offered to existing customers.

How frequent are the AgilQuest webinars?

The AgilQuest Agile Workplace Leaders webinar series is monthly, but we typically skip the months of November and December to avoid conflict with holiday schedules.

Can I ask questions at an AgilQuest webinar?


For most of AgilQuest's Agile Workplace Leaders webinars the presenters or panelists have saved time at the end of the webinar to take questions from the attendees.

Sometimes the presenter will call for questions during the presentation. These cases are announced at the beginning of the webinar.