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Hoteling Frequently-Asked Questions and their answers

We tried hoteling in the 90s and it failed. Why will it succeed now?

Early attempts at office hoteling failed because the technology of the day did not allow workers to be productive unless they were physically present in the office. There were no laptops, Internet, broadband communications, cell phones, etc. Consequently, worker productivity went down, employee morale went down and the hoteling effort failed.

Today workplace flexibility (hoteling) is considerably more efficient and widespread. Technology became the catalyst that spawned the mobile work force. Today's workforce spends a lot of time away from the office and is more productive by working wherever and whenever they need to work.

In the last ten years there has been a change in worker paradigm. Ten years ago management was trying to "force" employees to be out of the office. Today's workers are already out of the office! Ten years ago, hoteling was the impetus for change...and it failed - today hoteling is the result of change...and it succeeds.