Measuring Actual Use of Space Frequently-Asked Questions and their answers

Every senior executive knows that their organization has more real estate than the organization needs. The problem is that they cannot identify which spaces are under utilized and can be reconfigured, shared or eliminated. If they knew, then they could make informed decisions to reduce their real estate to an amount that the organization actually uses.

OnBoard provides the empirical data that management needs to make these decisions.

OnBoard will make your CAFM system much more valuable by providing the key data item that CAFM systems do not measure: actual utilization of every workspace.
Your CAFM system maintains an inventory of workspace and the size of every space and how each space is assigned. OnBoard measures the actual utilization of every space...the key number management needs to actually manage the work environment.
A key feature of CAFM systems is to color-code workspaces on a graphic floor plan by the values of any data item. (For example, vacant offices might be displayed in green, while assigned offices might be displayed in yellow.)

Now imagine a similar type of graphic representation based on actual utilization. Green might mean utilization is above 70%, blue might mean utilization is 50% to 70%, yellow might mean utilization is 25% to 50%, and red might mean utilization is below 25%.

That would be vivid documentation as to where your organization's underutilized workspaces are located...and gives senior management the clear picture they need to make informed workspace decisions.