It's always hard to strike the right balance between quickly accommodating growth and keeping as few spare desks on hand as possible to hold down costs. The CFO wants cost management and every department wants to hold on to the office space you've already given them. But you know you've got extra unused desks on every floor. You can eliminate this "Swiss cheese" of desks and get the power of accurate seat assignments with Commander BI business intelligence.

Handling growth is slow and risky without excess space

Business units and departments count on space planners to find room and quickly assign new workers to nearby desks. When space planners don't have accurate data on which desks are actually in use, they cannot meet the business unit needs quickly without keeping too much expensive shadow space lying around. Even then change is too frequent and manual updates to seat assignments are too slow and expensive to avoid the "Swiss cheese" of unused desks on every floor. When it comes to accurate chargebacks and cost management, space planners don't have the power or the accuracy they need. Accurate Seat Assignment from Commander BI is the only tool for space planners to meet the needs of the departments and the goals of the organization.

Accurate Seat Assignment is the key to fast growth and low risk

Traditional space management tools track your inventory of desks and offices and many of these tools go further to allocate those assets to groups, departments or business units. While that information is useful for some purposes, it fails to deliver what facility managers and space planners really need because it doesn't track the assignment of those desks and space to individual workers. Without that connection of allocated asset to actual person, space planners don't have the reliable, believable data they need for chargebacks, risk-free moves and quickly addressing growth. The Commander BI platform takes space management to the next level by connecting desks with people to deliver Accurate Seat Assignment systematically.

Accurate Seat Assignment delivers reliable and timely data

  • Space planners can house new workers as quickly as business units hire them
  • Workforce can be expanded quickly and without adding more square footage
  • Groups, floors and buildings can be consolidated and moved quickly and without risk
  • Accurate data gives space planner the power to negotiate with business units
  • Chargebacks by business unit are fast, easy and accurate
  • Churn and move costs reduced $150 per person
  • Eliminate unused, unneeded and underutilized space
  • A company with 20,000 workers reducing shadow vacancy by 20% would save $40M per year
  • Enables self-moves for frequently-moved or frequently-promoted employees

How Commander BI delivers Accurate Seat Assignment

The Commander platform associates individual people to specific workspaces by connecting the telephony system to the workspace and the person using our patented switching technology. Our systematic and real time integration brings a level of accuracy and timeliness to seat assignment data that cannot be matched by any manual occupancy management process. Imagine never walking another building trying to keep up with moves, adds, changes or churn. Imagine the reduction in ongoing labor costs to never require a walk through to manage seat assignments.

No other system or methodology comes close to Accurate Seat Assignment

  • Unlike surveys and walkarounds, the data does not "go stale" and comes from every location every day
  • Fraction of the cost of surveys or sensors
  • Fully automated solution which does not require human capital

AgilQuest's Accurate Seat Assignment handles quick growth without risk

Organizations grow and consolidate faster with Accurate Seat Assignment, making business units more profitable and quicker to react to change. Space planners and facility managers get the data, the credibility and the costs savings they need with AgilQuest's Commander BI workplace business intelligence.