Making sure staff and clients have a place to collaborate is one of the most important necessities in any organization. Facilitating collaboration is the key to success and managing conference rooms effectively is crucial. There is far more to supporting collaboration and conference room use.

Every facility manager and space planner has to deal with:

  • Do we have enough conference rooms? Of the right size and configuration?
  • Do we have a reliable method for reserving conference rooms?
  • Can the right AV equipment, materials and catering be delivered on time?
  • Who is misusing the conference rooms? Are only 3 people in a 20-person room?

Growing organizations learn quickly that handwritten notebooks and self-managed systems like Outlook don't deliver the important functionality that makes conference rooms a useful tool in the workplace. An automated system needs to:

  • Publish availability, location and individual attributes of each conference room
  • Allow anyone in the organization, anywhere in the global organization, to see and reserve conference rooms with multiple user interfaces to choose from
  • Restrict access to certain conference rooms based on approval or group permissions
  • Guarantee reservations with appropriate set up and break down times and service availability
  • Deliver services on time and provide accurate accounting and chargebacks
  • Coordinate multi-point meetings for multiple simultaneous locations (E.g. video conference between two or more sites)
  • Connect to physical systems for check in, presence detection, and release conference rooms when unused
  • Report on demand, use, misuse and unmet demand

AgilQuest's reservation and workplace optimization technology, OnBoard, tells you if you have enough conference rooms, if they're being used properly, and coordinates services to and chargebacks for your meetings.

Accuracy, reliability and systematic control for all conference rooms throughout even the largest organizations, multiple interfaces, multiple languages and workflow approvals and configurable permissions are all part of OnBoard's enterprise-class conference room reservation software.

We connect also with the most conference room digital signage and interfaces. OnBoard can be integrated to presence sensors for check in and actual use reporting.

Multi-point reservations are easy with OnBoard and that makes video conference and telepresence meetings easy to manage no matter how many locations or time zones are involved. Telepresence systems like Tandberg are also available as OnBoard integrations.