Collaboration is the key to success and innovation so the humble meeting room is the hub for so many productive projects, deals and organizations. As simple as "a place for people to meet" sounds, there are four significant challenges facing every facility manager, space planner and workplace strategist.

  • Do we have enough meeting rooms?
  • Can employees count on having a meeting room when they need it?
  • Will the meeting room have the AV equipment, catering and services needed at the right time?
  • Are our meeting rooms being used properly? Only 3 people meeting in a 20 person meeting room?

When your organization grows and a handwritten notebook at the receptionist's desk isn't enough and the self-serve Outlook system doesn't prevent over-booking, it's time to look for a solution that matches the needs of the staff and the organization:

  • Publish availability, location and individual attributes of each meeting room
  • Allow anyone in the organization, anywhere in the global organization, to see and reserve meeting rooms with multiple user interfaces to choose from
  • Restrict access to certain meeting rooms based on approval or group permissions
  • Guarantee reservations with appropriate set up and break down times and service availability
  • Deliver services on time and provide accurate accounting and chargebacks
  • Coordinate multi-point meetings for multiple simultaneous locations (E.g. video conference between two or more sites)
  • Connect to physical systems for check in, presence detection, and release meeting rooms when unused
  • Report on demand, use, misuse and unmet demand

Not having enough meeting rooms or the right services can cause productivity to lag. On the other hand, having too many meeting rooms unnecessarily increases costs and carbon footprint. AgilQuest's reservation technology, OnBoard, optimizes meeting room supply and demand and provides the balance all large organizations need to fulfill their mission and operate within budget.

OnBoard brings accuracy, reliability and systematic control to all the meeting rooms throughout even the largest organizations. Our multiple interfaces gives users the choice of how to find and reserve meeting rooms, our localization gives each user their choice of language no matter where they are, and our system guides the user to the right location, room and service choices.

We connect with the most popular meeting room digital display devices and can integrate with physical presence sensors for convenient check in, automated check in, and backend actual use reporting.

Expensive video conference and telepresence meeting rooms are easily managed with our multi-point meeting reservations. Direct integration with video conference systems such as Tandberg are also available as OnBoard is an enterprise scale and proven system.