Imagine you’re onboarding new employees and need to find an empty workspace to assign them, or you’re doing a reorganization and want to place people near each other. You’ve spent millions on a CAFM system but, your information about seat assignments is consistently inaccurate. New people joining the organization, reorganizations, departures, guerrilla or “midnight moves” (unknown or unauthorized seating changes) all conspire to prevent you from maintaining Accurate Seat Assignment.

Who’s Sitting Where, and Are They Really There?

Three A’s of Space Management

  • Accurate Seat Assignments
  • Assigned Utilization
  • Actual Utilization

Accurate Seat Assignment

Bad seat assignment data prevents space managers from knowing the number of empty, permanently assigned workspaces – Assigned Utilization – and makes it impossible to feel confident that the growth the business units are forecasting can be supported. You can’t know the available capacity of your buildings if the seat assignment data is wrong. This often leads to unnecessary spending on “just in case” space.

With AgilQuest’s Permanent Seat Management

  • KNOW the Actual Utilization of your space
  • SUPPORT Visitor Management systematically and automatically
  • AUTOMATICALLY transfer phone extensions, even from different buildings
  • EASILY locate where colleagues are seated and if they are in the office today.
  • UNDERSTAND utilization and use the data to prepare your office for a hoteling program

AgilQuest's Solution to the Three A's

AgilQuest’s platforms consistently, continuously and systematically maintain 100% Accurate Seat Assignments, measure Assigned Utilization and the Actual Utilization of permanently assigned workspaces. By using the technologies you currently have in place, know exactly how your space is being used every day, all the time, portfolio-wide, with no need to deploy sensors, cameras, chips, motes or other devices that will concern your people about big brother.

Integrated Workplace Solutions for Today AND Tomorrow
It’s time to recover from bad seat assignment data. AgilQuest can help you measure assigned and actual use of permanent desks, manage visitors more effectively, and prepare for new workplace strategies.