For organizations using PBXs or unified call managers, controlling phone switching via a reservation system improves reliability, productivity and reduces the cost of churn.

In fast-paced organizations with a high rate of churn, the cost to reprogram a PBX with the frequent people/desk moves can be quite high. Using the OnBoard reservation system, even when you're not hoteling, can eliminate the $150-$200 cost for each of these moves by having the phone extension automatically follow each person as they move over the months and years.

When you are hoteling to accommodate mobile workers, phone switching guarantees each person will have their phone extension delivered to their current desk as part of the workspace reservation. Each morning OnBoard plans out and executes extension moves automatically so workers can receive their phone calls, wherever they are, by the time they check in each morning.

Phone switching also allows detailed tracking of the actual use of space and delivers accurate seat assignments. Space planners, facility managers, real estate executives and line-of-business owners can all enjoy the improved decision-making and accurate charge backs possible with such data.