Moving, adding and changing workspaces for employees, contractors, suppliers, partners and customers is typical in the modern workplace. This "churn" can be quite difficult to manage as organizations grow, the complexity of project teams increases, and as workers are frequently moved from one workspace to another. When performed manually, managing churn is error prone and expensive in terms of dollars and productivity.

The solution is to automate the costly and risky part: the MAC (move, add, change) activity. AgilQuest's phone switching solution is a patented, innovative method of integration with your telephony system that dramatically reduces cost and which no one else can offer.

With AgilQuest's OnBoard, organizations can:

  • Track the personnel assigned or scheduled to use each workspace.
  • Enter the schedule of planned employees' moves.
  • On move day, OnBoard will automatically switch the telephone extensions to the proper workstations.

This eliminates the need to manually switch the telephones - a process that can save between $150 and $200 per move -and increases your workers' effectiveness.