The ultimate goal of facility management, space planners and real estate executives is having just the right amount of space to meet company needs at just the right time. Yet most organizations struggle to reach even 50% utilization because they can't get the right data. Having reliable, accurate data gives managers and planners the power to maximize utilization and it gives executives the strategic insight to best manage their real estate portfolio, the company's second largest expense item. The key is Actual Use of Space data.

Reach cost management and sustainability goals with AUS

When you're growing quickly, you can never acquire office space fast enough to keep up with demand. But when you're consolidating, you don't know where you can cut back on office space to reduce costs without a negative impact on productivity. Just knowing how much office space you have and where it is allocated isn't enough; you must know how much space you're actually using and, more importantly, how much you're not using so you can manage your commercial real estate assets. Actual Use of Space (AUS) is how leading organizations maximize utilization to reach their sustainability and cost management goals.

Presence detection and business intelligence are the data and power you need

AgilQuest's Commander BI platform delivers operational reports and strategic business intelligence from Actual Use of Space data collected every day in every location of your organization. Presence events are operationalized to give facilities managers and space planners the data and the power to cut back the unused desks or Swiss cheese on every floor without impacting that department's productivity. That's more margin for each line of business. The combined presence event data is then turned into strategic information for the VP of commercial real estate to manage which leases are renewed and which new buildings are built or not. The better return on assets, return on equity and EVA will make both the CFO and the stockholders happy.

Actual Use of Space delivers powerful results

  • Eliminate unused, unneeded and underutilized space and it's energy costs
    • A company with 20,000 workers reducing shadow vacancy by 20% would save $40M per year
  • Trim allocated space down to just enough for each department
    • Business units with 300 desks eliminating 20% unused desks would increase their profit margin by $600,000 per year
  • Plan for growth without risk and manage consolidation without risk
  • House new employees rapidly by knowing exactly which desks are vacant
  • Know exactly how much new building is needed and how much lease to renew
  • Recover quickly during adverse conditions and disasters by knowing who is working where and which locations they can continue from

Commander BI delivers Actual Use of Space (AUS)

Presence events throughout the organization are collected every day and in every location. Badge swipes from the front door, turnstile data from the street entrance, login events and VPN packets from the network, keyed entry from VOIP phones and more are gathered and combined in the Commander database. Advanced algorithms representing decades of experience with national and global companies massage, scrub and summarize the presence detection data into reliable, useful information.
Commander BI then presents the information in operational reports and strategic business intelligence. Dozens of reports on vacancy and actual use are ready to empower facility managers and space planners. Even more reports show actual utilization by department, line of business, building and campus to drive commercial real estate planning and CFO decision making. With our new reporting platform, your IT department can easily extend the available reports and you can modify and export them to fit your specific needs.

Only Commander BI has what it takes to reach Actual Use of Space

  • Commander knows a particular desk got used because it ties actual seat assignment to usage and to the person. You get not just volume of use, but actual use of every resource down to workspace, cost center, and person: its actual use and the user.
  • Our presence detection methods don't rely on expensive, one-time or one-location surveys and walkarounds. We collect data systematically via devices you already own, from data sources already in place, and through our patented IPPI product for VOIP phones.
  • We collect presence data from every location, every day instead of a few locations, once or twice a year.
  • The results are accurate, reliable, believable data gathered continuously, consistently and systematically.

Consolidate, grow and improve margins with Commander BI and AUS

The best way to deliver the right amount of office space at the right time is to know how much is actually needed versus just allocated. The only way to be sure you'll have the right amount of space in your portfolio to react quickly to growth and consolidation is to know your actual utilization, accurately and at all times. Actual Use of Space from AgilQuest's Commander BI workplace business intelligence is the only way to meet both your operational and strategic goals.

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