Workplace Business Intelligence allows organizations to measure their actual use of office space and reduce unnecessary capacity in order to meet cost management and sustainability goals.

AgilQuest's Commander BI technology transforms operational and presence data into answers about your workplace usage, with accuracy and consistency, to drive impactful decision-making at the building, business unit and global levels. Commander BI workplace business intelligence delivers accurate seat assignments, actual use of space and eliminates the need for excess shadow space.

Commander BI was created to deliver office space utilization data accurate enough to support decisions at all levels within the organization and consistent enough to be useful at all locations in the portfolio. Eliminating the expense of snapshot surveys and walkarounds, Commander BI gathers data from every location and every desk consistently and continuously so accurate seat assignments are finally possible, so correct chargebacks can be calculated for each business unit and so all the benefits of actual use of space are within your reach.

Presence events and data are gathered from many sources and systems, algorithmically combined and massaged into an accurate picture of every floor, building, and campus, and delivered via reports, heat maps and floorplan visualizations. Facility managers, real estate executives and CFOs now have reliable, believable utilization data to drive space planning, accurate chargebacks, effective cost management and long term lease planning to keep up with growth and movement.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating unused, unneeded and underutilized space
  • A company with 20,000 workers reducing shadow vacancy by 20% would save $40M per year
  • Increase margins with accurate chargebacks of only actually used space
  • Business units with 300 desks eliminating 20% unused desks would increase their profit margin by $600,000 per year

Workplace Business Intelligence functionality

Commander BI results

  • Eliminate unused space, the Swiss cheese, by 20% (Reduce shadow vacancy from 26% to 6%)
  • Eliminate space management and survey costs
  • Know utilization of all space, not just recently-surveyed areas
  • Space planners and facility managers have the data and power to negotiate with business units
  • Accurate chargebacks are possible
  • Maximize margins in each operating unit or LOB
  • Displays actual worker-to-workplace utilization ratio and metrics
  • Less office space to support existing or growing workforce
  • Reduce and consolidate long term leases to reduce impact of FASB 13 accounting changes
  • Collect utilization data without undue burden on regular users
  • Gather actual, believable, accurate data on utilization

Data and reporting every organization needs

The Commander BI platform watches for presence events in permanently assigned space, shared work spaces, and conference rooms via multiple mechanisms, patented processes and data sources. It combines and processes the presence data, connects worker information with location information, and calculates which office assets were actually used, by whom and for how long. Using modern reporting tools and advanced visualization, Commander BI summarizes and reports the usage data numerous ways to provide the best data for each intended use.