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AgilWork e-Learning for Workforce

AgilWork e-Learning for Workforce prepares workers and managers for the new mobile work environment

AgilWork e-Learning for Workforce is a complete library of training courses to prepare and support workers and managers in your new flexible work environment. These modules provide the training and understanding that leads to buy-in and user adoption for new workplace programs and the significant culture changes which accompany such changes.

The training modules are:

  • web-based
  • self-paced
  • computer-based training (CBT)
  • available anytime

Mastering the Evolving Workplace & Preparing Your Workforce to Thrive in Your Workplace

Whether your workplace strategy consists of moving your workforce into activity-based work settings, open-plan, green buildings, third places, or working from home, we can prepare your employees. Our training material is designed to address critical Work Practice skills in combination with the information to leverage and utilize your Work Place to its fullest potential.

AgilWork e-Learning delivers highly interactive a-learning, based on leading global best practices, to support a new way of working. It's cost effective, easily customizable, quick to deploy, and globally adaptable.

Our web-based training is easy to scale as your program expands and evolves, making the training accessible to your workforce in minutes.

Our a-learning library blends Work Practice + Work Place into a holistic and integrated approach, providing employees and managers with the skills and confidence needed to ensure maximum performance and enjoyment in the workplace.

Your workforce will appreciate the level of "choice" as they decide "when and where" to take the training to accommodate their busy schedules. In addition, employees can select the modules that support their workstyle, and how it can make them more productive. The use of real-life scenarios, mentors, and a variety of activities, keeps them highly engaged and provides the optimal learning experience. The training can also be effectively aligned to support other change management activities.

Work Practice "How" to Work
  • Manage a Distributed Team
    • Embracing Distributed Work
    • Fostering a Distributed Community
    • Building High-Performing Distributed Teams
    • Enabling Effective Communication
  • Working In a Distributed Team
    • Participating in a Distributed Community
    • Communication & Collaboration
    • Managing Your Performance & Development
  • Using Your Technology
    • Work Place Technology Essentials
    • Leveraging Your Productivity Tools
    • Information Security Best Practices
  • Mobility Best Practices
  • Sustainable Behavior
Work Place "Where" to Work
  • Welcome to Your Work Place
    • The Building Design and Features
    • The Design Approach to Your New Workplace
    • Work Place Amenities and How to Use Them
    • Commuting Options & Parking Features
  • Work Space Types and Guidelines
    • Work Space Types and Functionality
    • Selecting & Reserving Work Spaces
    • Work Place Protocols
    • Work Place Services & Support
  • Working in Your Green Building
  • Health, Safety & Security in Your Work Place
  • Making the Move to Yow New Work Place
  • Setting up a High-Performing Home Office

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