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New Floor Plans in OnBoard Notification Emails Save Time for Users

How often do you actually remember the room numbers of all the offices and conference rooms at your workplace? So when you make a reservation for a workspace and the only information you have is a room number, it can take a great deal of time to walk past all the offices to find the correct one. That's why we added a floor plan feature to OnBoard's reservation notification emails in version 5.5.2 – to save you time.

Gaining Your Hours Back: OnBoard Connect for Outlook Makes Creating a Reservation a Breeze

OnBoard Connect for Outlook is a favorite plug-in for OnBoard users. Making reservations within the Outlook calendar saves time and streamlines daily processes. Not only does it make OnBoard even more accessible, it include features that make even the steps of adding resources simple and flexible to meet the needs of the user.

Gaining Your Hours Back: Setting Preferences in your Profile

Did you know you could save time and skip all the steps in the Make Reservation flow in OnBoard? Most people make similar, if not identical, reservations a majority of the time, and the process can take time when you have to fill in each field along the way.  By setting reservation preferences, OnBoard remembers them as defaults and the next time you go to make a reservation these options are pre-filled for you!

Guest Blog: Designing for Agility by Naomi Stanford

This is an excerpt from Naomi Stanford's blog.

Supposing buying and owning things actually does go out of style, as a recent Economist article The Sharing Economy also implies - what repercussions would this have on any organization that sells products or services? We already know some of the clashes of interest that have followed the introduction of the taxi service Uber - should taxi companies have been working on this as a potential scenario a few years ago and have had a more agile response to it than litigation?

AgilQuest to attend ASPIRA Circle of Achievers Dinner

AgilQuest will be in attendance at ASPIRA of New York's 2014 annual Circle of Latino Achievers Gala Event, "Building on 50 Years of Investing in Latino Youth."

This year marks ASPIRA of New York's 53rd Anniversary. The dinner focuses on recognizing corporate achievers, as well as honorees who have made a difference in the Latino community.

OnBoard for iPhone App updates improve User Experience

While hundreds of users already find the OnBoard for iPhone App makes managing workspace reservations a breeze, we're still dedicated to constantly improving the system. The latest update included several small, but noticeable changes:

Guest Blog: 10 Things Managers are Afraid to Tell the CEO

Listen up, CEOs.  Here are 10 things middle managers want you to know, but are afraid to tell you...

New website Brings Resources to Your Fingertips

If you search the Internet to find great websites and count on them to answer questions every day, you'll want to know about the big changes we've made on the website.

As our Workplace Leaders webinars and conferences have succeeded in helping more workplace practitioners, we've found our website visited by people seeking answers to their daily needs as well as information about our products and services. Our website has been completely revamped so it is even better for workplace programs as well as OnBoard and Commander BI customers.

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