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GSA explores productivity boost from smart building tech

An article by Billy Mitchell on, April 20, 2015

Focus on Mobility: GSA has found its Internet of Things program GSA Link not only saves in energy costs, but it also boosts employee productivity.

Three OnBoard Editions Scaled to Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re an SMB with a small budget and single location, or a Fortune 500 managing thousands of workers, hoteling and conference room management is possible in whatever capacity you need.  AgilQuest’s OnBoard workplace management system now has three (3) editions scaled to fit your needs.

Customer Success relies on Customer Support

In the past year, we have increased our support team and expanded our support capabilities so users can expect faster responsiveness and better support around the clock. The launch of the Customer Success Support Portal in January has been extremely well-received by our customers and has proven to boost the effectiveness and speed of support cases.

Warming Up to the Officeless Office

An article by Rachel Emma Silverman and Robin Sidel
The Wall Street Journal

As companies seek to cut costs and accommodate an increasingly mobile work force, some employees have had to say goodbye to their personal work areas.  

Staying productive and maintaining operations during Winter Weather

Many organizations lose thousands of dollars in productivity and time during snow storms or other weather-related events, but this can be avoided simply by having a plan for how work from home when winter weather makes prevents you from getting to the office safely. Continuing operations while providing a safe environment for employees is crucial, but knowing what is needed to do so effectively can be difficult.

Customer Success Portal

Easier, faster support management is now available with our new Customer Success Portal! This support portal is a place where AgilQuest customers can submit and track support tickets, chat live with the Support Team, and search the ever-expanding Knowledge Base of resources.

Security Certification Received by AgilQuest Support Team Members

AgilQuest employees are always looking for ways to expand their knowledge and earn certifications which give them the tools and experience necessary to build and support the software and solutions on which our clients rely.

Last month, two of the experts on the Services team joined Booz Allen Hamilton's Dawn Crisson to complete the CompTIA Security+ exam, making them certified Security Gurus! The Security+ exam is approved by the U.S. Dept. of Defense to meet IA technical and management certification requirements, and covers the foundational principles for network security and risk management.

4th Annual Agile Workplace Conference hosts Record Attendance

Last month, AgilQuest hosted the Fifth Annual Agile Workplace Conference at Le Meridien Hotel and Conference Center in Washington D.C. This year's theme, "The Sharing Economy: What's in it for me," brought together industry leading speakers and professionals to discuss all aspects of the agile workplace.


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