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Deep Green!

There's more to greening the commercial real estate sector than double-paned windows and curly light bulbs. George Bouri, a Principal of Deloitte Consulting LLP, calls for a wholesale transformation of the workplace.


George Bouri leads the Capital & Real Estate Transformation practice for Deloitte Consulting LLP. With 18 years professional experience, he has become a thought leader in aligning business and real estate strategies, particularly in articulating how “green” practices can boost ROI and generate shareholder value. His client roster includes multiple members of the Fortune 50. Network of Space tracked him down in late March to chat about the greening of American and global real estate.

Demand-Based Building Operations

Adopting a Demand-Based Workplace Model can slash capital outlays, boost productivity and reduce your carbon footprint - a real triple play.

by John H. Vivadelli, President
AgilQuest Corporation

The process called “telework” (sometimes referred to as telecommuting, workforce mobility or other terms) employs technology to separate the activity called “work” from the physical location called “work.” With telework, work is something you do, not a place you go. Telework uses technology to move work to people, reducing the need to move people to work.

Visioning Your Workplace

A key management challenge in transforming traditional office space into a flexible work environment is minimizing risk.

Today’s employees demand a flexible work environment that keeps pace with their constantly changing needs. Technology has untethered them from their fixed desks and freed them to work from anywhere. Many organizations have found that redesigning their workplace systems can lead to enhanced employee satisfaction, improved collaboration and higher productivity, and reduced capital outlays for office space.

Measure Actual Use of Space for Corporate Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate (CRE) executives need an effective way to measure and understand the actual use of their office real estate portfolio.

Executives need to know where, when, and how users actually interact with the work environment so they can provide their fellow employees with a highly effective workplace tuned to the changing needs of the organization.

Real time, or near real time, “Actual Use of Space” data enables corporate real estate managers to deliver a highly productive, optimally-sized work environment that gives workers the space they need whenever, and wherever they need to work.

Cisco's Building 14

 The crucible of innovation in corporate real estate is a non-descript office building in San Jose, Calif. Inside, Mark Golan is redefining the relationship between worker and work space.

A chat with Mark Golan, Vice President of workwide Real Estate and workplace Resources for Cisco Systems, and Chairman of Board of CoreNet Global.

Mark Golan is a thought leader in re-envisioning the workplace. A vice president of worldwide real estate and workplace resources for Cisco Systems, he was recently appointed chairman of CoreNet Global, a professional association of corporate real estate executives. At Cisco, he manages about 160 employees and oversees 17 million square feet around the world. His objectives: cut costs, enhance productivity and boost employee satisfaction. Cisco’s renowned Building 14, in San Jose, Calif., functions not only as Golan’s center of operations but a living lab for his ideas. “Network of Space” spoke to him in early December.

Yippee for IPPI

 Interface turns your Cisco VoIP telephone into a workplace managment tool.


Interface turns your Cisco VoIP telephone into a workplace management tool

Yippee for IPPI®

Had your alphabet soup today? Here are two acronyms for you: VoIP and IPPI.

London-Based Companies Waste £1.58 Billion in last 12 Months on Office Space


Companies in London are paying for empty desks that occupy some of the most expensive commercial real estate in the world.

 With the increasing impact of wireless technology and flexible working, more and more executives are working out of the office for longer periods as City-based companies embrace flexible working strategies to get the most productivity from their workforce. This means their workspace is unused and left empty, but still needs to be managed and paid for.


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