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Save time in OnBoard reservations with One-Click

As a daily user of OnBoard for booking your workspace, often times you may find that you are repeating the same handful or steps over and over to reserve your space. Imagine the time you could save consolidating all of those steps into a single action.

New Dashboards and Enhanced Reporting in Commander BI 3.0

AgilQuest is excited to announce the next evolution in its renowned workplace business intelligence tool, Commander BI 3.0. Commander BI works with OnBoard's transactional data to deliver summarized information about just how office space is being used, giving customers simplified control over the utilization data they need to make confident, informed decisions about their office space.

Add Facility Events and Announcements to OnBoard Home Page

Did you know you can add facility events and announcements directly to your OnBoard home screen? Organizations can make the most of this screen real estate and bring employees into OnBoard more often by communicating news and events.  They look forward to logging into OnBoard to see what's going on as they make their reservations for the day.

Customer-driven and Growing Fast!

You may have heard us say we are a "customer-driven" organization, but what does that really mean? Well, to us, it means that everything we do, every change we make, is reliant on our customers' needs. But this is not just how we build our products and services, but also how we have run our business for the past 20 years.

Commander BI gets a new release and new product lead

AgilQuest's business intelligence platform, Commander BI, is the one place where you can find answers to questions about how your space has been used. This analytics tool was designed to answer important business questions based on summarized historical data from OnBoard. It has worked well at a number of advanced customer sites and we are happy to announce Commander BI will be moving forward quickly with new releases and with a new product architect!

New Floor Plans in OnBoard Notification Emails Save Time for Users

How often do you actually remember the room numbers of all the offices and conference rooms at your workplace? So when you make a reservation for a workspace and the only information you have is a room number, it can take a great deal of time to walk past all the offices to find the correct one. That's why we added a floor plan feature to OnBoard's reservation notification emails in version 5.5.2 – to save you time.

Gaining Your Hours Back: Setting Preferences in your Profile

Did you know you could save time and skip all the steps in the Make Reservation flow in OnBoard? Most people make similar, if not identical, reservations a majority of the time, and the process can take time when you have to fill in each field along the way.  By setting reservation preferences, OnBoard remembers them as defaults and the next time you go to make a reservation these options are pre-filled for you!

Guest Blog: Designing for Agility by Naomi Stanford

This is an excerpt from Naomi Stanford's blog.

Supposing buying and owning things actually does go out of style, as a recent Economist article The Sharing Economy also implies - what repercussions would this have on any organization that sells products or services? We already know some of the clashes of interest that have followed the introduction of the taxi service Uber - should taxi companies have been working on this as a potential scenario a few years ago and have had a more agile response to it than litigation?


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