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AgilQuest to attend ASPIRA Circle of Achievers Dinner

AgilQuest will be in attendance at ASPIRA of New York's 2014 annual Circle of Latino Achievers Gala Event, "Building on 50 Years of Investing in Latino Youth."

This year marks ASPIRA of New York's 53rd Anniversary. The dinner focuses on recognizing corporate achievers, as well as honorees who have made a difference in the Latino community.

OnBoard for iPhone App updates improve User Experience

While hundreds of users already find the OnBoard for iPhone App makes managing workspace reservations a breeze, we're still dedicated to constantly improving the system. The latest update included several small, but noticeable changes:

New website Brings Resources to Your Fingertips

If you search the Internet to find great websites and count on them to answer questions every day, you'll want to know about the big changes we've made on the website.

As our Workplace Leaders webinars and conferences have succeeded in helping more workplace practitioners, we've found our website visited by people seeking answers to their daily needs as well as information about our products and services. Our website has been completely revamped so it is even better for workplace programs as well as OnBoard and Commander BI customers.

Guest Blog: Buffets and Bird Cams

I recently spoke to a group of law firm CIOs.  I was challenging them to think beyond their view of IT and its role in workplace transformation.  Two CIOs in particular challenged me:  

Smart Occupancy for the Worker

This is the last in our Smart Occupancy series, just in time for this year's Agile Workplace Conference, Smart Occupancy: Balancing People, Planet & Profit. We have reviewed the key concerns and questions that a Smart Occupancy strategy answers for a variety of roles within the organization, leaving one of the most significant groups for last, the workers.

Key Factors to Successful Smart Occupancy - Getting Buy-In from Managers and Workers

You know it’s true.  The time has passed for the timid, waffling and toe-in-the-water new workplace strategy pilots that seem to rule the day. 

You see the impact of broken workplace policies, empty boxes of air we call office buildings and roads choked with a hell called commuting.  You know your organization must do the right thing; broad and bold adoption of mobility and hoteling that improve productivity, profitability, agility and sustainability. 

Smart Occupancy for Sustainability Management

In case you have missed it, over the past several months, we have been defining the workplace strategy, Smart Occupancy, as it pertains to various departments and job roles. There are just 2 more in this series, ending just in time for the Agile Workplace Conference in September, of which the theme this year is "Smart Occupancy: Balancing People + Planet + Profit." The Smart Occupancy strategy encompasses all aspects of an organization, both physical and non-physical, to ensure productivity and efficiency and sustainability in the workplace. This month's article highlights Smart Occupancy for Sustainability Management, illustrating how Smart Occupancy is the one strategy to help meet all the goals of an organization.


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