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OnBoard Plugs into Smart Buildings

AgilQuest just announced the release OnBoard 5.5.1, which connects office space management to the energy savings of intelligent buildings. OnBoard knows where people are and when they are supposed to arrive, and when integrated with an intelligent building, can maximize efficiency by telling the lights, HVAC and other building functions when to turn on and off.

Guest Blog: If 5 frogs are sitting on a log...

by Teresa Hopke, Life Meets Work

My father-in-law is known for his groaners. I usually half-listen and pacify him with some half-hearted reply. But one of his recent jokes got me thinking about the new flex e-courses we have created through our partnership with e-Work. It went something like this:

Smart Occupancy Officially Announced

Smart Occupancy Press Release:

AgilQuest Introduces Smart Occupancy to Unify Real Estate and Human Capital Strategies

Freedom and Flexibility for the Workforce Balanced with Workpalce Savings and Management Control

06/12/2013 – Richmond, VA - AgilQuest Corporation has released the core concepts of Smart Occupancy, the philosophy and approach behind the solutions savings millions annually in office space at large companies and federal agencies without compromising employee satisfaction or productivity. Smart Occupancy applies the latest mobile technology, access control integration, and modern workplace expertise to balance the need to save on real estate and energy with the practical support needs of the workforce. This combination of "secret ingredients" has set AgilQuest apart from their technology-only competitors and fueled the recent success in the federal government.

Smart Occupancy for Financial Management and Operations and Facility Management

A Smart Occupancy strategy allows companies to balance the management of their office space real estate with the rapidly evolving needs of the workforce occupying that office space.  This results in less real estate needed and higher worker satisfaction from better-aligned occupant services.  Smart Occupancy reduces energy use, optimizes space utilization, and minimizes the environmental impact of the building, all while improving employee morale, productivity and organizational performance.

Guest Blog: Knowledge Worker Productivity

Experiment of One, by Naomi Stanford, PhD

Guest Blogger Dr. Naomi Stanford questions and answers how to measure the productivity of a knowledge worker.

Guest Blog: Don't be a Maytag Repairman

by Kyra Cavanaugh, Life Meets Work

American businesses have long innovated in areas like supply chain, R&D, product development, and so on. Our leaders are comfortable with that kind of innovation because it's familiar--they know it can make a difference.

But how many MBA programs discuss optimizing workforce the way they do supply chain? How many leaders innovate their workforce practices to address trends and changes in the labor market before they absolutely have to?

Smart Occupancy for the Workplace Strategist

Outstanding organizations rely on innovation, creativity and vision to continuously grow and remain ahead of competitors. Leading government agencies apply the same in order to balance new mandates and constraints with achieving their mission. Asking difficult questions and seeking actionable answers are the hallmark of both these groups. Smart Occupancy answers key questions at the core of many of their significant organizational changes.

One of the job roles most impacted by workplace change is the Workplace Strategist. Typically they are assigned with understanding how the organization's workplace is currently working and how to adjust and make changes to make it work better. In order to do this, workplace strategists must first have the data needed to analyze the current situation and the tools to understand where and how changes can be applied to both the human resources and the real estate.

Hoteling Economic Model Spreadsheet

Find out Your Potential Savings with the Hoteling Economic Model Spreadsheet

During the March Webinar, Building the Case for Hoteling: The Dollars & Strategy, AgilQuest CFO shared the AgilQuest Economic Model for Hoteling Spreadsheet.  There was an extremely high demand for the spreadsheet following the webinar, that we are offering the basic version of the spreadsheet to help you build your own business case.


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