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OnBoard for Android Completes the Mobile App Suite

It's finally complete. You heard the announcement a couple of months ago about the OnBoard for iPhone app. Now, as promised, OnBoard Mobile for Android is now available! Combined with the OnBoard Scout for Blackberry, this makes the reservation system available to every person with a smart phone. Make, cancel and check in to reservations from the one device you always have with you!

Cluster Support Service

AgilQuest now offers a new cluster support service that assists large and global enterprise IT when adding office space reservation software to high availability infrastructure. The resulting cluster configuration allows customers to rely on their reservation system and its integrations for portfolio-wide use as a mission critical system.

Key Factors in New Workplace Strategy: Part 2 – Gaining Executive Commitment

How do we go from 'our department's great idea' to 'the organization's top strategy'? This is the challenge when one innovative group or leader in the organization clearly sees the benefits, the far-reaching value of workplace change, but the other departments are too busy with their own projects and goals to embrace any new initiative. Every week we hear "how do we get executive support?" Support (money) and sponsorship (power and authority) of the executive team is a key factor in any broadly-implemented organizational initiative. So, how do you gain commitment from the executives, the partners, the right level of management, to begin change and sustain it through implementation and institutionalization?

Smart Occupancy for the Space Planner and Corporate Real Estate

What is Smart Occupancy? What does it mean for the Space Planner? For Corporate Real Estate?  Find out what questions Smart Occupancy answers for the Real Estate executive or the Space Planner trying to determine how much space an organization needs.

Webinar Archive: Building the Case for Hoteling

Leading firms are cutting millions in expense by treating office space like financial assets. They are eliminating wasted space with workplace changes like Telework and Hoteling. Find out how you can join these organizations and start saving your company millions just by implementing a "High Performance" workplace strategy.

Key Factors in New Workplace Strategy: The Business Case

"What does it take to roll out a new workplace strategy and get broad acceptance... quickly?" This is the question nearly every organization asks when they reach out to experienced practitioners and advanced organizations. We've heard businesses, global enterprises and federal agencies all ask the same question. This first article in a series will tackle the first of what we call the "Key Factors" in new workplace strategy.

Introduction to Smart Occupancy

Outstanding organizations rely on innovation, creativity and vision to continuously grow and remain ahead of competitors. Leading government agencies apply the same in order to balance new mandates and constraints with achieving their mission. Asking difficult questions and seeking actionable answers are the hallmark of both these groups. Smart Occupancy answers key questions at the core of many of their significant organizational changes.

Over the next several months, we will answer the question of "What is Occupancy?" and will dive into how Smart Occupancy answers questions for all of the key groups involved.  This is the first of the series, An Introduction to Smart Occupancy.

Changing lives and culture with OnBoard 5.5 and the iPhone App

5.5 is a significant release for OnBoard, a game changer. It includes improvements in functionality, usability, and performance that will change what workers have to do every day and will support your program "going to the next level." Not to mention the life-changing iPhone App! Your workforce will change the way they think of and use OnBoard, improving utilization, productivity and efficiency in the workplace.


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