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OnBoard for iPhone

Yes, the iPhone App is finally here. As part of OnBoard 5.5, users can now easily make workspace and conference room reservations, check-in, check-out and cancel. Users who have an iPhone will be more likely to follow workplace policies when the tools they need are literally at their fingertips. Location-based Services (LBS) are even available to make check-in and booking easier for users who enable this feature!

AgilQuest CEO at the White House


In November, the White House Business Council invited AgilQuest CEO, John Vivadelli, to attend a meeting at the White House to join a group of other small business leaders. The purpose of the meeting was for these business leaders to discuss President Obama's plan for the budget and the current situation regarding the fiscal cliff.

The content of the meeting was private, but Vivadelli said, "I was impressed with the willingness of the Administration to invite business leaders from various political affiliations and economic beliefs in order to get a balanced cross section of opinions."

Vivadelli recently published a couple of blogs related to the economy and fiscal cliff. 

Read these blogs on The Agile Workplace Blog

OnBoard 5.5 Release in Early 2013

AgilQuest is excited to announce the latest version of the OnBoard Workplace Management System. OnBoard 5.5 reflects our commitment to both customer-driven development and cutting-edge technology. New features include the much-anticipated iPhone native app, improved ease-of-use and small changes that can make big impacts to reaching optimal utilization.

Real Estate Trumps HR & Other Trends for 2013

By Teresa Hopke, Life Meets Work

These days we're bombarded with information and statistics of all types. It's hard to know which ones to pay attention to and which ones really are indicators of some much bigger thing that's going on. We've picked out the ones we think are going to influence workplaces in the coming year.

AgilQuest joins GSA webinar on Managing Distributed Teams

GSA is at the forefront of workplace change and they are leading other agencies and themselves to a more efficient, more attractive workplace environment and culture. Their efforts include regular video chat training webinars with staff from multiple regions. These courses provide content, handouts, and supplementary resources to for all managers in the enterprise as well as the opportunity to ask questions and discuss technology, changes and planning. The highly interactive sessions increase comfort levels with interacting and leading a more mobile workforce. AgilQuest was recently asked to join via teleconference the "Managing Distributed Teams" training course from their office in Richmond.

Highlights from the 2012 Agile Workplace Conference

Workplace leaders gathered in Washington DC to learn about best practices and share insight on successful workplace programs. Attendees said they learned more than expected and found the conversations made the September event worth attending year after year.

A Meeting With Airport Security

by Kyra Cavanaugh, Life Meets Work

Today I did a presentation from the security line at the airport. Cellphone in one hand, PowerPoint deck in the other, my arm looped through the handles of my carry-on and purse. Yes, there was a child in a stroller in front of me, a crying baby a few feet away. And standing there, sweating bullets due to the unforeseen delay that had caused this precarious position, I reviewed the findings of our research with a leadership team for one of our most important clients.

New service helps optimize real estate

Federal agencies face new government-wide mandates to cut waste and to  spend money more efficiently, including reducing real estate.  In a May 2012 memorandum from the Office of Management and Budget, agencies were notified that they shall not increase the size of their civilian real estate inventory.  On the other hand, commercial firms are constantly under pressure to increase productivity without increasing costs. 

Both need to optimize their use of office space real estate through dramatic change. Only a proven combination of best practices, technology and training will overcome cultural obstacles and deliver buy-in and adoption which lead to the needed savings, growth and productivity.



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