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Training Remote Managers

by Kyra Cavanaugh, Life Meets Work

Developing Leaders, Remotely

This question landed in my inbox recently: Do you have some ideas about what managers can do to train a new company leader who works remotely? It's a great question since it's a lot easier to train a leader when you work in the same place. But, it can be done in a virtual work situation. I recently trained a remote leader within my own company and here is what I learned:

OnBoard New Release version 5.4

The newest version of OnBoard was released in May. Once again, AgilQuest took feedback from customers to update the workplace management system, focusing on internationalization, reporting on unmet demand and integration with innovative, wireless digital signage. OnBoard-5

Digital nameplates replace paper inserts

In the today's technology-oriented society, so many things have a digital version from billboard signs to marquees, even office and conference room signs. Digital is easy to change, easy to read and portrays professionalism and technological advancement. It would only make sense that these would be the perfect option for today's flexible, alternative work environments that practice desk sharing and hoteling.

With the rise of mobile workers and the increasing use of reservation systems, it has become almost necessary to couple the flexibility of the workers with the flexibility of digital signage. The traditional method of printing out individual name plates or conference room schedules lacks efficiency and does not allow for workspace users to quickly see who is using the space. Rather than changing a paper insert to display who is sitting in a particular desk, a system could update the signs automatically.

Until now digital signage has been expensive and invasive to install, needing wiring for power and network connectivity and having no automatic connection with reservation systems. Today ASI and AgilQuest have combined their latest technologies to bring the efficiencies of the latest digital signage to the agile workplace.

Linking Telework to Wellness

by Kyra Cavanaugh, Life Meets Work

When building buy-in for your telework program, it never hurts to have advocates from different areas of the organization. One often overlooked connection is the relationship between telework and employee wellness programs.

Researchers from Washington University found that the longer the commute, the greater the link to health issues like obesity and high blood pressure.

Building Strong Virtual Teams

by Kyra Cavanaugh, Life Meets Work

As we tour around the country giving workshops and training, we gather lots of inspirational ideas from managers who are making the extra effort to connect with their remote teams. Here are some of the ways real-life remote teams are working to build community.

Hoteling Support Services and Duties for Successful Programs

The duties of the hoteling support staff and the services they provide for daily hotelers and executives are critical, but there is little information published on "how to do it right". During a recent AgilQuest Workplace Leaders webinar, a leading consulting firm explained how essential these duties and service were to adoption and, ultimately, the success of the hoteling program.

Due to your many questions about "what should the concierges and admins be doing on a regular basis", we've compiled the following list as a starting point for your program.

Manage Team Presence and Availability

by Kyra Cavanaugh, Life Meets Work

Trust and communication are really at the heart of a successful remote working relationship. And when you have good trust and communication, the need to "take attendance" diminishes in favor of a quality work product that demonstrates employees are truly present. That said, transparency is always a good thing.

The 60-Minute Talent Mistake

By Kyra Cavanaugh

In the earliest days of Life Meets Work, my clients tended to be smaller companies who were just starting to introduce flexible work. As I pitched our consulting services, I talked with a good number of employers who bemoaned the lack of skilled talent, yet refused to consider remote workers. They wanted the best...but insisted the "best" live within a 60-minute commuting distance.

During the recession, employers could get away with such face-time mandates. But recession or not, the U.S. is facing a skilled worker shorter and it's about to get whole lot worse. If you want to build a world-class team, you can't limit yourself to your local community.


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