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Killing two birds with one stone – How GSA cut space and improved the mobile work environment

In a move expected to save the General Services Administration (GSA) about $600,000 in leasing costs, the federal agency cut their Washington headquarters' square footage by half while maintaining the same number of employees. How? By creating a hoteling and telework program that simultaneously caters to executive orders for a more mobile workforce and reducing underutilized real estate.

Get the power to negotiate with business units and make impactful savings

You start off with carefully-made space planning, but typical churn and growth and consolidation turns those perfect allocations into Swiss cheese: 20 or so unused desk on one floor, about 15 unused desks on the next floor, and an unknown number of under-used desks on the multi-department floor. All that Swiss cheese of unused desks is costing hundreds or thousands a year… per floor.

What's in it for me?

The bottom line on alternative workplace strategies

Just three short years ago, saving money was low on the list of reasons organizations turned to flexible workplace strategies. They did so because their workforce demanded it, and—in the face of talent shortages—they were eager to comply. Then came the recession, and the bottom line benefits of telework and alternative work arrangements stole the limelight. As a former banker, and veteran entrepreneur, they were finally singing my song.

Customer Driven Upgrades

OnBoard-5 OnBoard customers are excited these days because most are enjoying the new features and capabilities of version 5. It’s always fun and often thrilling to get a new technology, buy the latest iPhone or install the newest version of Firefox. You get the thrill of a fresh new look, cool new ways of doing daily tasks, and see what great time-savers are available. We’re excited, too, and it’s because the new OnBoard 5 all came from you, the customer.

Workplace Services helping Federal Agencies build policy

Federal Agencies find a balance between policy and technology to meet Telework mandates

washington-dc The deadline is quickly approaching for federal agencies to report on their progress towards Telework enhancement. At the same time they must also meet the COOP, flexible workplace and real estate reduction mandates. These mandates all require agencies to set new policy and maintain productivity throughout the transition. With so many directions and options, understanding what is really important, and how to even begin meeting these mandates with AgilQuest technology can be overwhelming for Department heads.

Questions Answered/Problems Solved: Reminder Emails

You know you have a meeting today at 1pm because it is on your calendar.  You reserved a conference room months ago, but the problem is you cannot remember whether it’s the large conference room on the 5th floor, or the 12th floor, or even the 20th floor!

Is Your IT Ready for Telework?

President Obama just signed a new executive order from the Office of Management and Budget for agencies to develop and update IT purchasing policies to ensure teleworking employees are properly equipped.  Agencies have 90 days to determine the best policies that will eliminate any unnecessary work obstacles and cyber threats as federal employees transition to their new teleworking environment.

Virginia Telework Tax Credit

Companies often worry that implementing a telework program would end up costing more money and time to set up than it is worth.  In an effort to support nation-wide telework efforts, Virginia passed a telework tax credit for employees to help cover any extra costs they will incur in a move to a more mobile and flexible workplace.


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