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Monitor utility gives IT proactive alerts

Before the phone rings, Darrel already knows what the caller will say. He knows its Angela from the Dallas office. She’s always the one who calls in to complain when something breaks in the Dallas office. But today, he’s ready. Before Angela can start venting, Darrel stops her with “Your kiosk is back in operation. It’s already been rebooted.”  She can’t believe it. “How… how did you know?” Darrel leans back in his chair, grins and says “psychic super powers” and mentally closes out a trouble ticket.

New office and OnBoard help client go super green

An AgilQuest client is reaching great Green heights with a move to an award-winning office building and the implementation of AgilQuest OnBoard. The combination of a Green building with the ability to manage the workplace to reduce real estate and support workplace flexibility proves their commitment to its employees and the environment.

Web-based Mobile gets direct connection to Microsoft Exchange

Without opening Outlook, you can use AgilQuest's web-based Mobile interface to check people's schedules, room availablity and set up a reservation easily and quickly.

Organizing a meeting with more than just two people means time consuming back and forth emails just to find a time that works for all invitees.  Add the need to find a conference room that holds 15 people with a projector on a particular day, and it may take 10 to 15 emails, an Outlook calendar and a resource scheduler to complete your meeting reservations. Scheduling and organizing meetings can be such a chore… but no more now that OnBoard Mobile 5.2 is here!

HFMUS test drives the latest workplace

Premiere magazine publisher Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. test drives latest workplace and fashions better meetings

HFMUS (Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S.) is the publisher of Elle, Elle Décor, Car and Driver, Road and Track magazine among others. Their speed of delivering information, respect for design, quality of editorial content, and appeal to customers set them apart as an innovative media company. As part of an effort to reduce their corporate real estate, HFMUS chose AgilQuest OnBoard to implement hoteling for workspace and conference room management. Along the way employees discovered they are now in complete control of their meeting schedules and environment.

Desperately Seeking Cost Cuts

Under economic pressure, corporations are emphasizing cost-cutting strategies such as lease renegotiations and Alternative Workplace Solutions. CoreNet Global CEO Ron Zappile fills in the details.

The last time Network of Space talked to Ron Zappile (See "Lean, Mean Reality"),  he was director, global real estate operations for United Technologies Corporation, in charge of managing assets that housed 215,000 employees in 62 countries. He retired from UTC in February, he tells us, to start his own consulting group, take on an advisory role for a start-up company and "spend more time with my grandkids." Then CoreNet Global came calling, looking for someone to step in as interim CEO. Now Zappile is traveling back and forth weekly between his home in Hartford, Conn., and CoreNet Global headquarters in Atlanta, Ga.


Going to an Agile Workplace? Don’t forget to train the troops (and their managers.)

When you deploy onsite distributed teams, hoteling, telework, or work-from-home initiatives, workers and their managers must be comfortable with the transition and properly trained to adapt to it.

Today’s technologies enable your employees to work anywhere and everywhere, giving the word “workplace” a whole new meaning, and giving you a whole new set of challenges and opportunities.

Are you compliant with E911 legislation?

Prior to any decision to migrate an organization’s telephony to fully wireless (soft phones on laptops, cell phones, etc.) senior management must closely vet the environment to ensure compliance with E911 legislation.

Ease of Use is focus of New OnBoard Release

The latest release of the OnBoard® Workplace Management Solution takes workplace management to a new level of usability and extends OnBoard’s integration with telephony and room management systems making it much more useful for workers.

People who reserve workspaces or conference rooms can make or break the success of your Agile workplace initiative. The usability of the systems they use to reserve and check-in to reserved workspaces must be easy to use, logical, and inviting.


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