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Workplace Innovation at Booz Allen

Booz Allen Hamilton has succeeded in increasing innovation, engaging its employees and reducing real estate costs. This eye-opening case study from Work Design Magazine takes you through the halls of the improved Booz Allen space and explores how AgilQuest's OnBoard technology helped improve the "personal ROI" for employees. 

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Optimal Workspace Management: How IT Can Help

For many professional services firms, workplaces that offer each employee a dedicated workspace haven’t made sense for a long time. In many cases, employees work almost exclusively at client sites and visit the office only occasionally.

Add to that more expansive work-from-home policies for traditional at-office workers, and it’s no surprise that companies consider optimizing office space when looking for efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities.

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Can IT Cure the Common Conference Room Scheduling Headache?

Have you heard the joke about the employees that couldn’t find a meeting space to talk about over-booked conference rooms?

Considering the increasing importance of enabling face-to-face collaboration without busting the bottom line, the barriers to making meeting space more available are no laughing matter. And as more companies embrace flexible workplace policies, eliminating the headaches associated with employee collaboration is climbing the list of priorities.

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What IT Professionals Know About Office Hoteling Can Save You Money

As most IT pros would agree, requests from business units are often focused on fixing specific pain points rather than addressing their root causes. When that somewhat short-sighted strategy is applied to workplace management issues, companies can miss out on big opportunities to boost employee satisfaction and drive down operating costs.

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New Interface Designs for OnBoard!

OnBoard New Interface Video

AgilQuest is excited to share the latest OnBoard interface redesigns for desktop and mobile use, providing improved functionality while maintaining a familiar look and feel for existing users.

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Thank You to Our Veterans

AgilQuest is honored to be a Veteran-owned business and to have Veterans on our staff to keep us running!

We would like to thank our AgilQuest Veterans as well as all of the Veterans that have served our great nation.  We're proud to honor our Vets by introducing them to you:

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5 Takeaways from the Agile Workplace Conference

20160913 Kelleher AWC Day1 web

Our friends at WorkDesign magazine recently published an article with five key takeaways from the sixth annual Agile Workplace Conference last month at fhi360 headquarters in Washington DC. 

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Advanced Catering for OnBoard

AgilQuest is excited to announce Advanced Catering for OnBoard, which allows users the unprecedenting convenience of reserving meeting rooms and ordering contract foodservice, catering and workplace hospitality all from one system.

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