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Virginia Telework Week offers a great time to promote or expand the practice of telework.

AgilQuest will once again sponsor Work Design magazine's TALK series, which kicks off the 2016 Season Thursday, January 28 at Social Tables in Washington D.C!

Less than half of the Washington DC area employees of GSA show up to work in the newly renovated headquarters… and that means their new workplace transformation program is going better than expected.

Being prepared for weather related emergencies, natural disasters or even man-made catastrophes is vital to business continuity. Staying resilient means that in the event of a large scale emergency, you can continue to provide for your customers and give your employees access to information related to the workplace when it is most critical.

AgilQuest’s Meetings and Conference Room Management Series gives office managers, facilities managers, and workplace strategists a solid foundation of ideas, well-proven practices, and tools for changing the way your workforce finds and uses these critical collaboration spaces.

by Dan Cook

If you’re not fully focused on precisely what your facilities needs are, your company may be headed for extinction. A recent study by Johnson Controls says that, within 25 years, a workspace revolution will have completely obliterated the office as we know it today.

by Dan Cook

Want to save money on office space? Hire millennials--they’ll work from anywhere.

by Dan Cook

The workplaces of the world are undergoing a rapid change. Technology is driving process and system evolution that, in theory, can lead to much greater efficiencies. The problem is, the physical design and structure of most workplaces represents a major obstacle to tapping into that potential. And designers should be playing a larger role in creating a workplace that reflects how employees want to do their work.

by Dan Cook

If you think office space is at a premium because of the recovery, you're wrong.

While some office space may be going for premium prices, there's a $5.5 trillion dollar "market" of unused space in America. And the spectre of that space is quietly changing the way office space is viewed--by landlords as well as occupants.

"Real estate as a service is the upcoming trend," said John Vivadelli, CEO of AqilQuest, provider of software and services design to enhance corporate space utilization.

By John Vivadelli, AgilQuest Corp.

"From my perspective, there is a broad continuum of the work we do, who we choose to do it with, and the places we choose to perform it.  Organizations and Place Providers are each a part of the same elephant - one a foot, one a tail, one a trunk."

The following is a response to How Coworking Will Save Corporate America, by Laurent DeHollande

By Sholem Prasow, Insight Management

At the 2014 Agile Workplace Conference sponsored by AgilQuest, many excellent speakers addressed ways in which to make Change Management succeed. In the discussion workshop that I was part of, we came up with the following summary:

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