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Measuring and Managing Workplace Utilization

As members of the industry, we know how important measuring and managing actual utilization is in an agile workplace. However, it can be daunting with so many different technologies and approaches. That's why I am excited to help address your concerns. The video seminar will help you understand why you should be measuring workplace utilization, what approaches and technologies exist to enable measurement and what you should do with measurements to manage improvements in workplace utilization.

- John Vivadelli

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Soft Phones: Are they ready for E911 and Emergency Response?

To maintain safety for employees and comply with the law, phone systems must support emergency response and E911 legislation. What, if anything, will organizations have to do to meet these requirements when they replace handsets on desks [as part of traditional or VoIP phone systems] with soft phones [voice over laptops] or cell phones?

Here are some of our replies and clarifications to some previous questions about this topic:

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