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If someone proved that you were actually using less than 50% of your office space, what would you do with the empty excess? Well, that next lease could be a LOT smaller, but that might not be an option right now. So, what if you could publish that empty, excess capacity to your customers, partners, prospects, prospective talent, or even to the public and generate revenue from it?

The new agilquest platform is an exciting, new workplace tool designed to enhance collaboration inside and outside the traditional workplace giving organizations the ability to reach beyond its walls so that wherever its people are, they’re free to love where they work. Here are ten frequently asked questions regarding the new agilquest platform.

Coming this summer, our new platform, agilquest, will introduce the workforce to an entirely new, cloud-based, multi-sided, SaaS platform that removes real estate as a barrier to collaboration, whether that’s between departments or between companies.

Each month, solutions experts Shane Dowler and Jay Sowers demonstrate the key features of AgilQuest's OnBoard Workplace Management System through the most popular user interfaces. The monthly "Deminar" series includes an exclusive look at our latest cloud-based multi-sided, SaaS platform and the renowned business intelligence tool, Commander BI.

Implementing a hoteling and telework program in the workplace can encourage employees to produce their best work by increasing productivity and engagement in the workplace. Not only does the added freedom and flexibility in the workplace increase happiness, but can also offer organizations opportunities to cut high real estate costs. To get there will take a great deal of planning and preparation. A good first step is to review these 5 keys to ensuring a successful hoteling program.

Booz Allen Hamilton has succeeded in increasing innovation, engaging its employees and reducing real estate costs. This eye-opening case study from Work Design Magazine takes you through the halls of the improved Booz Allen space and explores how AgilQuest's OnBoard technology helped improve the "personal ROI" for employees. 

For many professional services firms, workplaces that offer each employee a dedicated workspace haven’t made sense for a long time. In many cases, employees work almost exclusively at client sites and visit the office only occasionally.

Add to that more expansive work-from-home policies for traditional at-office workers, and it’s no surprise that companies consider optimizing office space when looking for efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities.

Have you heard the joke about the employees that couldn’t find a meeting space to talk about over-booked conference rooms?

Considering the increasing importance of enabling face-to-face collaboration without busting the bottom line, the barriers to making meeting space more available are no laughing matter. And as more companies embrace flexible workplace policies, eliminating the headaches associated with employee collaboration is climbing the list of priorities.

As most IT pros would agree, requests from business units are often focused on fixing specific pain points rather than addressing their root causes. When that somewhat short-sighted strategy is applied to workplace management issues, companies can miss out on big opportunities to boost employee satisfaction and drive down operating costs.

OnBoard New Interface Video

AgilQuest is excited to share the latest OnBoard interface redesigns for desktop and mobile use, providing improved functionality while maintaining a familiar look and feel for existing users.

A recent article published on Mashable explores the rising popularity of "work-life integration," and how workplace flexibility is attracting top talent and increasing productivity for many companies.

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