In the past year, we have increased our support team and expanded our support capabilities so users can expect faster responsiveness and better support around the clock. The launch of the Customer Success Support Portal in January has been extremely well-received by our customers and has proven to boost the effectiveness and speed of support cases.

With the implementation of the new Portal came the ability to collect data and set goals for responding to these cases. We were excited to see our average response time improve from longer-than to better-than industry average; and with this new ability to track cases and offer a place for rating the support experience, AgilQuest has tracked a 100% satisfaction rating!

We can't give credit to the Portal itself, but must recognize our tireless Support Team responding to customer needs and questions.  Here are just some of the comments they've received:

It was a quick response which allowed us to be back and running quickly.

This was not a common project. They understood my issue and what I was trying to do and helped me get the new instance working.

He gets the job done....everytime! He worked with me for hours today to get answers before end of the day, like I had requested. It's very very helpful to know that problems will always be resolved when you call.

Unbelievable support always!! Gets job done no matter what.

This request encompassed alot of work from alot of people; they, have been outstanding, timely, and helped us remain productive.



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