In the today's technology-oriented society, so many things have a digital version from billboard signs to marquees, even office and conference room signs. Digital is easy to change, easy to read and portrays professionalism and technological advancement. It would only make sense that these would be the perfect option for today's flexible, alternative work environments that practice desk sharing and hoteling.

With the rise of mobile workers and the increasing use of reservation systems, it has become almost necessary to couple the flexibility of the workers with the flexibility of digital signage. The traditional method of printing out individual name plates or conference room schedules lacks efficiency and does not allow for workspace users to quickly see who is using the space. Rather than changing a paper insert to display who is sitting in a particular desk, a system could update the signs automatically.

Until now digital signage has been expensive and invasive to install, needing wiring for power and network connectivity and having no automatic connection with reservation systems. Today ASI and AgilQuest have combined their latest technologies to bring the efficiencies of the latest digital signage to the agile workplace.

ASI has developed an innovative, cost-effective digital sign that solves the cost and installation concerns. Their eFlex digital signage is a unique solution: a wireless and battery-powered electronic ink display, making it perfect for workspace nameplates or conference rooms without easy access to hard wiring. Signs may be installed anywhere, such as cubicle walls, sitting on a desktop, outside office doors, outside conference rooms, etc.

eFlex uses e-ink technology, similar to a Kindle e-reader, so that power is utilized only when the screen updates, allowing for up to 5 years of battery life. Instead of manually printing and sliding updates in wall-mounted holders, organizations immediately begin to save money by eliminating the daily printouts and save employees' time by eliminating the need to post traditional nameplates around the office.

AgilQuest has integrated our OnBoard system with ASI's new eFlex units to automatically display the name of the meeting, person using the space and other reservation details. eFlex digital signage increases collaboration and productivity by allowing users to find their way quickly to their reserved workspace as well as providing naming information for colleagues working together who do not personally know each other. Users find that the always-accurate nameplates adds a touch of personalization to the often impersonal hoteling environments. Once an employee checks into their reservation via a Kiosk, security badge-in, or smart phone, eFlex screens update to show that person's name. This not only makes the desks feel more like their own spaces but makes finding their workspace easier as well.

Download the eFlex Product Datasheet for more information