As a daily user of OnBoard for booking your workspace, often times you may find that you are repeating the same handful or steps over and over to reserve your space. Imagine the time you could save consolidating all of those steps into a single action.

Setting up and using One-Click is easy and efficient, and you can even add it to your Outlook calendar and associate reminders with your reservation.  One-Click uses a standard reservation criteria, set in your profile, that when clicked automatically creates the reservation for that resources and time.  For example, you know you have the same meeting in the same conference room on a daily basis, you can set your One-Click to that resource and time and when you need that reservation, all you need to do is click the One-Click button to automatically reserve without stepping through each of the reservation options.  Save your space and save time, all with a single click!

How To:

After logging into OnBoard, choose the Profile tab and "View Your Profile" and click "Edit Profile."

Once on this page, choose the "One Click" tab and set the resource, location and time you most want to use and save.  When you are ready to make that reservation, simply click the Mouse icon on the left sidebar and the resource will be reserved, if it is available.