Without opening Outlook, you can use AgilQuest's web-based Mobile interface to check people's schedules, room availablity and set up a reservation easily and quickly.

Organizing a meeting with more than just two people means time consuming back and forth emails just to find a time that works for all invitees.  Add the need to find a conference room that holds 15 people with a projector on a particular day, and it may take 10 to 15 emails, an Outlook calendar and a resource scheduler to complete your meeting reservations. Scheduling and organizing meetings can be such a chore… but no more now that OnBoard Mobile 5.2 is here!


You’ll save valuable time as integration with MS Exchange let’s you see invitees' availability in one place rather than adding the invitees and hoping they're available. You can see people and resources without opening Outlook!  You can also add people to your profile if you often schedule meetings with them.

No more toggling between applications and Outlook!

AgilQuest’s OnBoard Mobile also shows resource availability on the same screen as people availability so you can quickly view which workspaces or conference rooms are open during the selected date and time.  You can also filter rooms to match your criteria, such as floor, capacity and type.  The resource availability can be viewed as a list, a floor plan or a calendar, to make searching and filtering that much easier.




Your scheduling tasks are easier now that OnBoard 5.2 connects Mobile directly with MS Exchange. You get the familiar web-based Mobile screens, all your OnBoard resource data, and the availability of your invitees! 

Invitees and resources from inside your web browser = OnBoard Mobile + MS Exchange