Freedom and Flexibility for the Workforce, Profitability and Sustainability for the Workplace


AgilQuest is a new SaaS-based platform for connecting people with the resources they need to collaborate, innovate, produce, and love where they work.

screenshot of agilquest saas-based workplace management softwareAt its core is a flexible reservation engine, similar to AgilQuest’s OnBoard product, but modernized to handle many kinds of reservable resources, to adapt quickly to different kinds of needs, to rapidly deploy via the latest user interfaces, and add user-submitted information to give people the best choices.

AgilQuest’s new online platform does not replace our enterprise-ready OnBoard product, but rather extends functionality to include more than just office space resources within your organization’s four walls. The AgilQuest SaaS product is the first to implement an In and Out strategy, making it possible for you to choose from the available desks and meeting rooms within your organization as well as those offered outside your organization.

With an In and Out capability, your people can choose the best place to work each day even when that isn’t an internal location. And your organization can choose to reduce its space to just what it needs… or offer that under-used space to others and monetize that real estate.

The platform is a true SaaS-based model and it offers lower implementation costs, quicker deployment, fewer I.T. hassles, and the latest features and enhancements without the worries of upgrades and rollouts.

For your employees

  • Choose the best place to work or meet each day
  • Use your favorite devices to see available space, ratings, locations, reviews, etc.
  • Access both internal office resources and external spaces

For your business units

  • Attract and retain top talent with a flexible workplace program, more choice and an environment friendly and energy conserving culture
  • Optimize your use of internal space and leverage available external space

For your workplace strategist

  • Offer easy access to the great focus area and collaboration choices you’ve provided the staff
  • Track utilization of all your spaces and the external space utilized
  • Learn which desk and meeting room choices work best and which don’t

For your CFO and corporate real estate office

  • Identify unused office space and real estate that can be reduced
  • Eliminate unnecessary startup and infrastructure costs
  • Pay for just how much you need, only as long as you need it
  • Turn under-used desks and meeting rooms into revenue opportunities

AgilQuest is cutting-edge reservation technology for helping your people love where they work, helping your organization optimize its use of space and energy, and for monetizing your space assets that are sitting idle. 

Contact us for a demo and for help choosing from our SaaS-based AgilQuest or on-premise OnBoard products.

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