For some organizations who are ready to introduce a workplace solution but have limitations on IT staff or infrastructure, OnBoard OnDemand is the answer. OnDemand has the same functionality and capability is the Enterprise software, without the necessary commitment from your internal IT department.

OnBoard OnDemand is cloud-based, removing the need for additional servers and many other IT resources. Included in this version however, are the same features and scope of OnBoard Enterprise.

Your people have an array of interface options and integrations for checking in or out of the office. From stand-alone kiosks, badge swipe systems and digital signage for conference room management, or web-based platforms like Windows and Outlook integration to mobile check-in on iPhone, Android or Blackberry, OnBoard OnDemand provides the integrations necessary for your specific environment.

AgilQuest answers security concerns in a cloud-based environment by employing ISO 27002, ISO 27001, and SSAE16, so that your focus remains on optimal resource utilization and an engaged workforce.

AgilQuest also provides our OnDemand clients with the same premium support options as those with our Enterprise solution. Live, customizable training and support as well as access to our customer-driven support tools are all included.

agilquest-onboard-ondemand-datasheet-download  Access the OnBoard OnDemand Datasheet for More Information