OnBoard Mobile Apps for smartphones and mobile devices is a real game changer.

Native interfaces for smartphones make users happy, they help reach workplace goals, and they make buildings more efficient

  • Apple iPhone
  • Android phone
  • Blackberry
  • web-capable smartphones

Efficient utilization and measurement of the workplace requires cooperation from every office worker and today's workers demand convenience and ease-of-use in return. Native software for popular mobile devices and smartphone is critical to broad user adoption and participation. You must bring "the system" to the worker, make it easy to use and make it run on the devices they choose to carry. That's why AgilQuest provides native mobile apps for Apple iPhone and Android phone and Scout for Blackberry and other smartphones.

OnBoard mobile apps making checking in convenient

Employees count on the OnBoard server software to provide reliable reservations now they have a complete range of mobile device interface choices to make OnBoard easier to access and convenient to use. With their favorite smartphone and wireless or WiFi connectivity, they can find a desk or meeting room and book it whether they are in the office, at home or on the road. No need to log in to a computer, no need to navigate a website or start a VPN. They simply use the native environment on iPhone, Android or a web-enabled phone like Blackberry to tap and swipe their way to a quick reservation.

Location-based services make checking in easy

The new GPS-enabled mobile apps put additional convenience in the palm of your hand. Location-based services all OnBoard for iPhone and OnBoard for Android to show the nearest desk and meeting room resources when mobile workers are looking into your network of space for the closest resource.

Once you've made a reservation and approach the building with your GPS-enabled OnBoard app, a pop up window automatically appears and allows check in while you are still in route, saving extra time and effort. No more waiting in the line at the kiosk, dialing extra check in codes on the phone or navigating to the website just to say "I'm here!"

Mobile users, native smartphone apps and integration make buildings smarter

For decades now checking in via any OnBoard interface turns on your phone extension when you're using OnBoard phone switching, but now you can integrate the Smart Buildings capabilities of OnBoard and the convenience of our mobile apps to also supply electricity and lighting to your workspace and turn on the HVAC to that area... just in time, savings energy costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Higher utilization and more accurate data, too

Mobile apps for popular and BYOD smartphones also means higher user adoption for both check in and check out. When users have more convenience and attractive choices, they will utilize the tools you provide more. Now it's easier to not just check in, but also check out, releasing space and opening the opportunity to reuse that space for other needs in the same day. This helps more from a day-at-a-time mindset and a practical cap of 85% to 90% utilization to a hour-by-hour mindset and achievable utilization rates above 95%.

More cooperation with check in and check out also means the data available in OnBoard and Commander BI, our workplace business intelligence platform, will be more accurate and more plentiful. This means the value of the data, in real terms, is more significant and the value to the organization is higher.