OnBoard AI (accessible interface) is a new web-based user interface, streamlined for ease-of-use and powered by “smart” software that is designed to meet the needs of ADA/508 users as well as the expectations of the latest generation of workers and executives.

Accessible, responsive web interface with predictive assistance

  • Streamlined user interface designed to meet ADA and Section 508 requirements
  • Responsive design makes it perfect for all screen sizes and BYOD
  • Predictive assistance reduces user effort and “does all the work for you”

What is OnBoard AI?

OnBoard AI is a new user interface, designed to meet ADA/508 requirements and to provide all users with a new, streamlined user experience for ease-of-use

  • Clean, efficient looks and streamlined interaction
  • Designed for use with screen readers, but powerful and easy for all users
  • Automatically reconfigures itself for any-sized screens
  • Predicts and automatically prompts for your next action

OnBoard’s new accessible interface was originally designed to deliver an easy, robust interface for visually-impaired users. OnBoard AI goes far beyond screen readers and compliance.

  • Fewer clicks, faster results for all users
  • New user experience, not just user interface
  • Responsive screen design to keep up with rapid pace of technology

OnBoard AI provides a modern, consistent interface for making and managing workspace and meeting room reservations across agency- and corporation-supplied mobile devices and tablets as well as those allowed by BYOD policies and environments.

A modern interface for the newer generations of workers as well as seasoned professionals with hectic schedule who need technology to do as much as possible for them so they can get back to producing revenue.

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