OnBoard for Android brings location-based reservation management to typical Android smartphones and mobile devices.

OnBoard for Android puts the power of the AgilQuest's enterprise-class reservation system in your employees' Androidsmart phones and delivers the convenience of GPS location-based services. This native mobile app for Android is exactly what they've been asking for and it eliminates the last remaining excuses for not checking in. And now that checking out is this easy, you can expect higher utilization as hotelers release their reservations when they leave the office and free up those resources for others to use that same day.

  • Ease of use for your employees
  • Increased user adoption for your hoteling program
  • Greater check in accuracy for space planners
  • Higher utilization via easier check out and release of resources

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Easy to make reservations from anywhere

Now employees can find the closest available desk or meeting room with just a few taps and swipes. They don't need to log into a website, stand in line at a kiosk or look for an empty desk to check in. Using their Android smartphone and a wireless or WiFi connection, they can browse a list of the available resources to make a new reservation or browse their list of existing reservations to make changes. If desired, the new OnBoard for Android mobile app can use the built-in GPS to list the available resources by closest geographic vicinity and allow the user to choose from your network of space.

Change of plans is easy to handle

When employees are in route to another location or stuck in traffic or a late train, the new OnBoard for Android mobile app lets them edit or release existing reservations and make new ones for a different, closer location or better-suited time. They benefit from the additional flexibility and coverage of their phone and the organization benefits from the higher utilization of more accurate reservations.

Automatic vicinity notification

AgilQuest's new native app for Android smartphones also leverages the built-in GPS and location-based services to automatically notify the user when they are close enough to check in. When you're walking across the company parking lot or stepping onto your floor, your Android will pop up and ask "Ready to check in?" With a single tap you can check in even while you're still walking to your reserved desk or conference room. Automatic vicinity notification saves you time and lets you avoid the line at the kiosk, skip typing in the check in code on your desk phone and not need to tap the conference room display device... you're already checked in!

The organization controls the geo-fencing and rules which govern where you're allowed to check in and each user decides whether to allow OnBoard for Android to access their phone's location services, but the powerful delivers convenience and higher utilization when used.


OnBoard for Android can be accessed via the Google app store or your corporate app store. Version 5.5 or later of the OnBoard system is required. Licensing, configuration and setup details are available from your account manager or sales person.

Access the Datasheet for More Information