One-touch interactive digital signage for reservation-less or hot desking environments but which provides critical utilization data. Based on inexpensive and world class support iPod Touch platform.

What is Free Address?

More organizations are finding that by giving their people freedom and flexibility in the workplace, engagement and productivity increases. Of the many such ways to provide such flexibility, one of the more popular office environments expected of the modern workforce is unassigned seating. By working with the scheduling needs of their people, and allowing them to choose any available workspace when they are in the office, workers are happier, more engaged and more productive.

How Can You Measure Unassigned Seats?

A common misconception about open office environments with unassigned seating is that while the needs of the worker are met, key utilization data is lost to the organization. Companies need to know what desks and resources are used, what isn’t, what people like and need more of, and what resources are going unused. AgilQuest’s OnBoard Free Address is answers those utilization questions with measured Free Address. While your workforce is utilizing your space, the OnBoard Free Address system is collecting data about how that space is being used, for how long and how often.

How Does Free Address Work?

With AgilQuest’s OnBoard Free Address, workers check in to a work space or home office on Apple iPod Touch devices at each available space. Open space is indicated with bright green labels and a customizable check-in button. Reserving a work space is as easy as touching the screen, which will then turn red denoting the space as in-use.

Compared to proprietary devices and VoIP phones for check-in, iPod Touch technology is far more affordable, dependable with Apple’s recognized durable construction, and support from Apple is widely regarded as the absolute best. Because the iPod touch is so ubiquitous, there is a seemingly endless amount of options available for cases, frames and stands for mounting devices throughout the office.

Because the device communicates with OnBoard, organizations with Kiosk or other interfaces that display a floorplan, your people may also have other check-in options as they enter the office. Organizations can even set pre-determined reservation times allowing for space management in small quantities of time to increase utilization and simplify resource management.
Free Address with AgilQuest’s OnBoard Workplace Management Software is the simplest and most affordable way to empower your workforce to be more productive and more engaged.

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