OnBoard RoomKiosk is two-way interactive digital signage for managing conference rooms, finding and reserving meeting rooms, and capturing actual utilization data for decision making.

  • Non-proprietary, inexpensive hardware for every meeting room
  • Quickly find available meeting space
  • Check in to existing reservations, make just-in-time reservations, and extend meetings as needed from the wall- or door-mounted device

Kiosk Interface for Room Booking

RoomKiosk is an interactive interface for Windows tablets which displays meeting room resource schedules and provide on-the-spot functionality just outside conference rooms, meeting rooms, project rooms, and even touchdown space.

This is an economical, modern, full-featured interface for users to quickly find an available space or more easily check into a space they have previously reserved. Easy-to-use interfaces and readily-available devices right outside the room help maximize user adoption and that leads to reaching program goals, higher utilization rates and more-accurate data for decision making.

  • Developed and maintained by AgilQuest
  • Optional user authentication means even just-in-time meetings can utilize business rules
  • Brightly-colored screens make it a snap to find a room for just-in-time meetings
  • Checking in, starting early and extending meetings is as simple as touching the screen
  • Self-healing and heartbeat monitoring maximize availability and reliability

This integration between Windows tablets and the OnBoard system was developed by AgilQuest to expose the OnBoard reservations system on touch-screens and tablets running inexpensive, non-proprietary hardware that is quick to deploy, mount and connect. By integrating directly via the OnBoard Xpress API, RoomKiosk uses the latest reservation data and executes the same reservation workflow and business rules as all other OnBoard interfaces.