OnBoard Web (previously OnBoard Mobile) provides a complete end user interface to make, manage and check in to reservations via standard web browsers.

Make and manage reservations from any modern web browser

Users can personalize their home page to speed use and productivity

  • Use nearly any web-capable computer to access reservation management
  • Standard web interface lowers training and deployment time and costs
  • Personalization and multiple languages increase user adoption
  • Exchange integration maximizes productivity
  • Recurring, complex and multi-point reservations, services and catering all in one place

OnBoard Web allows end users to access their reservations and the power of OnBoard from any modern, standards-compliant web browser. Utilizing well-known web interface standards keeps the training needed to a minimum and using a web browser as the interface keeps deployment costs low and device compatible very broad.

Users can choose any of the installed languages for their personalized screens, they can set up one-click reservations and check ins, and can make simple, one-time reservations, complex recurring reservations, and even multi-point reservations that support video and telepresence meetings across multiple time zones.

Using OnBoard Web, you can find available workspace and meeting room resources, view People availability, make new reservations and include services and catering. You can easily change or cancel reservations, check in and check out of your reservations.

The web browser interface OnBoard Web is primarily used by end users making and managing their own reservations while they are in the office or dialed in via a VPN. OnBoard Web includes many personalization features to make this the interface of choice for users accessing OnBoard from a desktop or laptop computer.

Icons and hyperlinks make the Mobile user experience as easy as your favorite website and the optional SSO (single sign on) make getting into this user interface particularly easy and quick. The web screens in OnBoard Mobile use an application layer and the OnBoard Xpress API to keep the user interface and the business logic separate and highly scalable. Using setup and preferences, each user's experience can be tailored to their common tasks and personalized for their locale and language.

  • Localizable and DBE (double byte enabled) for labels and data in the user's selected language
  • Personalization so each user's icons and shortcuts launch their most-used and favorite functions
  • Express Check-in and 1-Click Cancel – one-click icons make it quick and easy for users to check in and cancel reservations
  • Web browser based for ease of use and broad device compatibility
  • Direct Exchange integration for people and room availability on the same screen
  • Reservation conflict management – resolving simple and complicated, recurring reservation conflicts with clear messages and easy alternate selections