OnBoard Editions

With multiple editions of OnBoard available, AgilQuest's renouned software provides desk sharing and conference room management to companies of all sizes and shapes. Whether needing a large-scale, on-premise enterprise solution when consolidating multiple buildings into a smaller footprint, or a cloud-based solution for managing meeting space for 20 - 100 licenses, organizations can rely on the OnBoard Workplace Management System to deliver freedom and flexibility to your people.

The "Gold Standard" in workplace management solutions, OnBoard helps people maximize utilization of shared desks and conference rooms while minimizing expensive real-estate and resource costs, regardless of the size of organization.

For some organizations who are ready to introduce a workplace solution but have limitations on IT staff or infrastructure, OnBoard OnDemand is the answer. OnDemand has the same functionality and capability is the Enterprise software, without the necessary commitment from your internal IT department.

OnBoard Enterprise is an on-premise, fully customized hoteling and conference room booking solution designed to optimize your workplace management, and give your people freedom and flexibility to choose the best work environment to deliver their best results.

The latest product offering to the OnBoard Workplace Management System portfolio, OnBoard Professional, brings the power and scope of the OnBoard Enterprise edition with the convenience of a cloud-based, hassle-free deployment.

Whether you’re a local office of 20 people looking to make efficient use of your conference room space, or a global enterprise with multiple locations and 100,000 workers needing the best choice of where to work today, AgilQuest’s OnBoard Workplace Management System has a solution sized to meet your needs.