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OnBoard Interfaces

OnBoard provides many interfaces to best fit large, global corporations and federal government agencies. Each is designed to reach specific functional needs and improve user adoption.   


OnBoard for Exchange

OnBoard for Exchange connects Outlook users with the power of OnBoard's enterprise reservation system... all from inside the familiar Outlook, OWA, or Outlook for Mac client.

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OnBoard Free Address

One-touch interactive digital signage for reservation-less or hot desking environments but which provides critical utilization data. Based on inexpensive and world class support iPod Touch platform.

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OnBoard RoomDisplay

The OnBoard Room Display is a non-interactive display located at a resource (conference room or workspace) that allows you to view a room's status. With RoomDisplay, workspace, meeting room and upcoming reservation information is available on non-proprietary Windows 8 tablet digital signage.

OnBoard for Digital Nameplate

e-Ink based digital signage to display status and reservation information on desks and in meeting rooms. Wireless and battery operated for easy, fast deployment and 5-year battery life.

OnBoard AI

OnBoard AI (accessible interface) is a new web-based user interface, streamlined for ease-of-use and powered by “smart” software that is designed to meet the needs of ADA/508 users as well as the expectations of the latest generation of workers and executives.

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OnBoard Navigator for Windows

OnBoard Navigator for Windows is the full-featured power user and system admin interface that provides complete control of reservations, phone switching, and more via system consoles and multi-day and multi-resource screens.

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OnBoard Web

OnBoard Web (previously OnBoard Mobile) provides a complete end user interface to make, manage and check in to reservations via standard web browsers.

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OnBoard Kiosk

Windows-based interface for fast check in and just-in-time reservations on self-standing kiosks and wall-mounted touchscreens in entryways and common areas. Includes advanced self-healing and proactive remote monitoring for large geographically dispersed organizations.

OnBoard Wrapper

Self-healing technology for Windows-based devices (OnBoard Kiosk, OnBoard Room Display, OnBoard Room Kiosk) to overcome most-common hardware, OS and connectivity issues automatically and without IT involvement.

OnBoard for Steelcase Room Wizard

OnBoard for Room Wizard connects the comprehensive business logic and rules of OnBoard with the easy-to-use interactive conference room Room Wizard devices from Steelcase.

OnBoard Xpress API

OnBoard functionality is available to other applications and custom interfaces via the Xpress application programming interface (API).

OnBoard RoomKiosk

OnBoard RoomKiosk is two-way interactive digital signage for managing conference rooms, finding and reserving meeting rooms, and capturing actual utilization data for decision making.

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