OnBoard's software makes it easy to reliably reserve collaboration spaces such as meeting rooms, video conference rooms, and project rooms. Making it easy to meet and collaborate in the office environment can boost productivity, engagement and innovation.

  • Guaranteed, reliable reservations for employees and visitors
  • Helps users find the right collaboration space, order equipment and catering, and invite others to attend
  • Advanced business rules and workflow to accommodate common situations and special needs
  • Integrates with numerous systems, digital signage and installs natively into Microsoft Outlook

Numerous choices of user interfaces help employees adopt the modern, better way of managing shared meeting spaces and keep the effort required to find a space, reserve it, and add people and catering as easy as a web page or a mobile app.

OnBoard's technology scales to meet the footprint of even the largest global enterprise and OnBoard advanced business rules and workflow accommodate the real world situations and special needs of even the most complicated organizations.

  • Instantly find the right space and amenities
  • Search for available rooms by proximity
  • See peoples' schedule and availability simultaneously
  • Review photos and floorplans prior to booking
  • Store room reservation in calendar
  • No double-booking
  • Auto-bumping to free up unused reservations and maximize utilization
  • Advanced reporting to reveal misuse
  • Easy to restrict executive or special rooms or require authorization
  • Add equipment and catering while adhering to schedules, setup and breakdown times
  • Track chargebacks
  • Automatic handling of multiple rooms and differences in time zones
  • Integrates with both interactive and display-only digital signage
  • End-of-meeting warning warnings with Smart Buildings
  • Manages electricity, HVAC and lighting with Smart Building integration

OnBoard is scalable, global enterprise software but it is available in on-premise, cloud hosted, and workgroup editions.