AgilQuest's OnBoard is the core technology for optimizing your workplace with office hoteling and conference room management to balance the freedom and flexibility today's workforce demands with the workplace management and control the organization requires.

OnBoard is much more than off-the-shelf hoteling software. It is a true solution comprised of multiple technologies, expertise transformed into business logic and workflow, and support services to reach your workplace goals through the application of automation and technology.

The business logic contained within the OnBoard software is codified workplace knowledge. The software itself uses best practices from real world enterprise workplace programs and experts to automate reservation processes, maintain accurate and reliable reservations, and support the everyday human activities related to securing appropriate places, services and equipment to work and collaborate.

The unique, bigger-picture needs of geographically larger national organizations, government agencies and global enterprises have been built into the technology for use when appropriate. Thousands of settings and configurations are established during our OnBoard Balance implementation to carefully match the behavior of our software to your existing policies, rules and organizational culture.

To meet the real world environments where policies vary from country to country, campus to campus, region to region, or even by floor and department, OnBoard's resource and allocation design is intentionally flexible and hierarchical. Beyond the software code and data structures, the OnBoard solution also contains workflow, business rules and permissions to fit reservation functionality to the unique needs of each organization. Other software vendors focus on allowing users to reserve rooms, any user and any space. The OnBoard solution allows different rules and workflow based on resources, groups and multiple levels.

As your workplace program evolves from initial hoteling to more advanced hoteling with even higher utilization targets, additional support from the software can be turned on within the deep configuration settings. No other vendor matches the depth and flexibility of OnBoard's enterprise support. 

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For any enterprise-wide system to be successful, it must have broad user adoption. There are three editions available for organizations of all sizes and manner of workplace need: OnBoard Professional, OnBoard OnDemand and OnBoard Enterprise (see Which OnBoard Edition is Best for Me?). OnBoard provides numerous user interface choices including ADA/508 compliant OnBoard AI, localization and personalization so every user can pick the interface most convenient for them, the most comfortable language, and shortcuts to make checking in and checking out virtually effortless.

The best organizations go even further and deploy OnBoard integrations to make check in truly effortless. When presence is detected at first badge swipe, network logon or phone use, our integration with these systems lets OnBoard perform it's work with no extra manual effort from the user. This results in both highly accurate utilization data and quicker adoption by your users.

For the admins and concierges who work with many reservations and solve logistics problems every day, OnBoard provides a set of powerful consoles to see everything at a glance, manage one or more reservations, and dig deep into logs and configurations to identify and solve problems.

A large array of operational reports is standard in the OnBoard solution. Based on the industry standard Microsoft reporting Services platform, these reports provide great flexibility to end users, are modifiable by IT staff, and can connect to more than just the OnBoard database for additional value. We have chosen this standard platform so writing your own reports and installing custom-built reports is easy and supportable in the long term.

Self-monitoring and self-healing are key factors in OnBoard's enterprise and global readiness. Critical interfaces such as kiosks and Room Wizards are deployed to floors and conference rooms all over the country or the world, so we have built in ability such as auto-retry and auto-reboot for kiosk and heartbeat-style monitoring and notification to aid centralized I.T. support. The comprehensive nature of OnBoard to reach organizational goals while fitting into culture and infrastructure raises it above the "just software" approaches of others.

Scalability in OnBoard comes from real world user organizations with 50,000+ active users spread across regions, countries and time zones. The architecture of OnBoard allows one set of servers to manage reservations, notifications, API calls and auto-bumps in hundreds of locations with tens of thousands of users. OnBoard also supports clustering for high availability (HA).

AgilQuest uses a customer-driven development model to meet specialized needs and share new functionality across all customers while containing custom development costs. User participation in peer-to-peer groups and direct input during our annual user conference prioritizes new features and harnesses emerging trends to keep OnBoard up to date with evolving workplace needs. AgilQuest has a robust network of support capabilities for maximizing the success of our users.

Read more about OnBoard and the latest updates, interfaces and features in the Product Datasheet


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