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Making the most of the portfolio and using data to drive real estate performance ratios can get capital off the balance sheet and back into operations.

CFOs recognize there may be substantial gains when implementing workplace flexibility, but morale and productivity must be maintained to preserve and enhance earnings using this new mobile workforce.

Changes to accounting rules will force all operating leases to be capitalized, accelerating the need to reduce underutilized and unallocated real estate. Measure and plan now so the final impact on the balance sheet is minimized.

The coming round of lease renewals is a significant opportunity to measure actual use and reduce real estate to the appropriate level without impacting productivity.

Companies now have a bit more breathing room and time to prepare for the FASB 13 changes after an announcement in April 2011 that the Board is delaying the June target date for finalizing and releasing the new standards.  FASB and IASB have determined they need more time to review feedback they received from stakeholders to ensure the final standards are of the highest quality, according to their podcast announcement.