AgilQuest CEO presents Measuring and Managing Workplace Utilization on Workplace TV

John Vivadelli, founder and CEO of AgilQuest Corporation will be a featured speaker on a live broadcast on Measuring and Managing Workplace Utilization. The program will be broadcast by Workplace TV from London, UK on March 25, 2010 and will be available on demand thereafter.

The program will show corporate executives why they should be measuring workplace utilization, what approaches and technologies exist to enable workplace measurement, and what executives can do with measurements to manage improvements in workplace utilization.

The prime beneficiaries of the program are people in the public or private sector with an interest in optimizing the workplace, such as Real Estate directors and managers, Facilities Management directors and managers, Chief Operating Officers and Finance Directors.

Mr. Vivadelli, with an eye toward cost control, will present the concept of mixing a variety of existing infrastructure technologies to measure the different facets of the workplace.  His approach is for organizations to implement a tailored Usage Information Model that blends data from security, telephony, reservation and other systems to determine how much space each individual actually uses and how often each individual workstation is actually used.

This type of analysis has far reaching effects since it transforms the workplace to the way people actually work.  It results in a agile workplace environment that is highly utilized, as opposed to an underutilized facility where each person is assigned to a specific desk.  It is well documented that roughly half of the workspaces in the US and UK go unused during normal business hours and by implementing an agile workplace organizations can easily save millions if not tens of millions of dollars annually.
About John Vivadelli

John Vivadelli, founded AgilQuest Corporation in 1994 to lead the transformation of workplace measurement and management.  He is a recognized expert in the fields of alternative office environments, real estate metrics and cost management, and business continuity.

Mr. Vivadelli has delivered his message to many diverse organizations, such as the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the Corporate Real Estate Network (CoreNet), the American Management Association, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Enterprise Forum, the Department of Defense Executive Management Course, Old Dominion University’s School of Business, and Carnegie Mellon University’s Advanced Building Systems Consortium.

Prior to founding AgilQuest Mr. Vivadelli held technical, consulting and marketing management positions at IBM and served as an officer on the nuclear attack submarine USS Silversides.  He holds a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado. Mr. Vivadelli lives in Richmond, VA with his wife and five children.  Further information about Mr. Vivadelli and AgilQuest can be found at
About Workplace TV

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